Sunday, 27 May 2007


Today I cleaned the windows and inside of my car. Rufus thinks it his right to be in the car every time it moves nowadays and left all his little dribbly bits all over the insides of the windows. It's not very responsible of me to take him in the car unrestrained but he enjoys car surfing when I go around the corners, besides he doesn't like being tied in the back seat and is very unhappy with it. I only take him with me around town. I bought him a black shirt the other day with" security" written in white letters across the back. It always gets a laugh and comment from anyone who sees it as he is a very small friendly pup.
I didn't do much else today other than vacuum the house. I went to Wagga in the afternoon to the potters club. It was supposed to be the first of our new shared work days. Three people turned up. Since I came in from Junee, 38km away I thought I had better make something so I made 8 small square dishes with the rose pattern idea on them with the slab roller. What a good toy is our slab roller. Lyn and Kasee who were the others there didn't bother as they decided they would rather not get clay on them, but they stayed to keep me company anyway and were happy to watch what I was doing. I believe in the Kiss principle, Keep It Simple Stupid. In my pottery and other bits in my life. I couldn't be bothered with fussing over fine details and their processes, I reckon if there is a shortcut and it works why not use it. There are a couple of people in the club who think the opposite of this and don't believe there is any way to do something other than their own way, therefore nobody could know anything other than them. It is too easy to get bogged down with bullshit thinking like that. I honestly couldn't be bothered. For goodness sake it is only clay not gold they are working with.
I have been following a show on t.v. for the last couple of Sunday nights about three Australian families that are taken to another country and placed with tribes of people from unspoiled native type cultures. A bit like the wife swap show except with different cultures not just wives. It is very interesting to me because in our modern society we have everything available to us without much effort at all. These cultures don't have supermarkets or doctors or even a proper water supply in some cases. Talk about culture shock. One of the families was taken to Africa and is with a tribe who have no water nearby so it is their culture to never wash but they smear themselves with red ochre mixed with butter fat. I wonder how many people would put up with that in our culture? Australia is supposed to be the driest continent on the planet but one of the worlds worst water users. I don't know if that measurement includes water used for industrial purposes but with our drought we have all tried to be more water wise in our homes and gardens. I couldn't cope with water for cooking and drinking use only though. One of my favorite things to do that relaxes me is to sit in the bath tub and let the shower run on my head. If I have it running slow with the water saving shower head that we have fitted I can stay there for quite a while before the tub gets half full and I turn off the water. Lovely. I would hate to loose that. I guess that it is extravagant But I love it and certainly don't do it all the time. If I was to loose any of my comforts, having running water is what I would hate to loose the most. In other parts of the world there are lots of areas that don't have it at all. One of the other families is with a Zulu tribe in Africa, the women do all the work and serve the men whose job is to hunt and play from what I have seen. It is not popular with the aussie women in the family. Hmmm! Wonder why? Ha. The teenage son in this family is also not doing very well with fitting in to the male ideal of hunting and learning to act like a warrior.
Well that's my thoughts on today.
Bye Love Linda.

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