Monday, 2 July 2007

I have 2 posts today, one with the story, here are the pictures. Here are the pictures I took of the results from my firing last Friday. Annie helped me put them on here but I am still just as confused as I was before because she did it a different way. This one shows the ash glaze pots mentioned earlier and the still wet raku clay ones.
Here are the 2 wood textured ash glaze vases. They are about 15 inches high.
The copper red glazed pots from the same firing. You can tell which ones were on the bottom shelf.
The square pot above shows how I would like the red glaze to look. The picture below is of cheeky, our Galah. Yes he is aptly named. He is quite darkly colored, meaning he is an older bird.

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Martha said...

I love your pots and your stories. Have never done any pottery myself but I work with polymer clay and make miniatures. I look forward to reading and seeing more.