Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Dog bite, New stuff, Work.

Today I bought a new keyboard and mouse. I won't have to do so many corrections when I type in my special two fingered style because the E key and the spacer bar will work and the little ball in the bottom of the mouse won't keep sticking and annoying the hell out of me. Now I just have to correct all the times I press the key beside or above the letter I intended to use. Lol.
Today I also made the last payment on the treadmill I had on Lay by. It will be delivered tomorrow and we have to assemble it. Then I will have fewer excuses not to exercise.
My sister Ellen was at a party 2 nights ago and was playing with a friends dog when it turned on her and attacked her. She was very badly bitten on the neck and throat and had her cheek torn right through from her mouth towards her ear. She spent the night in hospital and had surgery but she came home today. I spoke to her on the phone and she said she has 15 stitches on the outside of her face and doesn't know how many inside. She was worried about scaring on her face as her daughter is getting married in November this year. She was the one who was most blessed with good looks when we were young, she is in for a rough time of it. Michael and Mum are going to Grafton later next week to see her.
At work yesterday while I was taking the menus, the lady I was sitting with was very upset about the lady in the bed beside her, who had had a turn, and was not very well. I started out trying to make light of the situation by continuing like nothing was wrong and getting on with my job but then she told me that she had known the other lady in the bed next door to her for many years and they and their husbands were friends, and often were at each others houses for meals etc. She had watched this lady go downhill over the years with dementia, and was now listening to her in trouble with her health and receiving treatment from the nurses. Very sad, she asked me what she could do and I said "talk to the bloke up there" (pray). The sick lady was sent to Wagga Base Hospital, I don't know if she survived. Isn't it strange the links you find between people that you come across. I have found links with quite a few people through work, with people who come in and out the door. An old school friend's Mum who I lost contact with years ago, a son of a relative through marriage, an aunty of old friends, a workmates mechanic who was my ex brother in laws best friend ...... People whom have passed in and out of your life and who you don't really expect you will hear any more of, but who keep popping up in strange ways.
Annie gave me a manicure tonight, it was really nice and my hands are not so rough and smell nice. She is a much more girlie girl than me, as I don't usually bother with such things for myself.
I couldn't be bothered with make up, it seems so false to me, but I do like pretty perfumes. I usually stick to the same favorite ones that I have been using for years. I am very boring.
It was exceptionally cold here today, a maximum of just 7 degrees celcius. No rain today even though snow was predicted to 500 meters above sea level, which includes us, as we are about that height. That didn't happen! The long time locals say it hasn't snowed here since the late 1960's but I saw sleet once about 10 years ago.
Fiona one of my work mates has her last day at work with us tomorrow, and since I am not working I volunteered to take afternoon tea in to work. I cooked a sponge tonight but I had my oven on the wrong setting and the top of it is a bit too brown so I will have to do another one tomorrow. I am also taking some butter nut biscuits which you can soften in the oven and push into a cup shape then fill with caramel and top with chocolate or cream. I will cook a batch of pikelets tomorrow too. That should be enough. Naughty but nice.
O.K enough trivia for tonight.
Bye Love Linda.

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Martha said...

I can't imagine not having snow in the winter. We always get some at least (1-2 inches)and sometimes too much (8-12 inches) at a time. Kids look forward to Snow Days and no school. I work in semi-government and we close when the courthouse closes so I have enjoyed a few unscheduled days off when the heavy snow came.

Keeping you and your sister in my prayers. What an awful experience for her.