Sunday, 22 July 2007

Sunday, Garden maintainence,

I had a nice day today, it was a clear sunny Sunday that leads you outside to spend time in the back yard. I started pruning my roses early this morning. I am about 3/4 of the way through them. I also spread gypsum around the garden beds and watered it in, pulled out a few weeds and did some other trimming up. As well as a bit of washing and raking up leaves to add to the garden beds. Then I went in to Wagga to the hardware / garden place and got some more gypsum and 4 bags of composted cow manure. Yes I bought cow manure! It is cleaner than what you collect yourself and its nicely mashed up and you can use it straight away, it saves me a bit of work. I must be getting old! We had a cuppachino on the way home.
Follow up on my last post.... The lady I was talking about is apparently o.k. and has gone to a nursing home in Narranderra. I haven't spoken to my sister yet but Mum and Michael are going to visit her next week. She lives in this state but in the north east close to 1000 km away.
I went to the Dr on Thursday because my collar bone is a bit weird and out of shape and I was looking for something to blame my shoulder & neck pain on. I have to go for x rays. The x ray lady is at Junee on Wednesdays so I will find out what is going on then. The Dr reckons it might be broken. I don't know of anything that could have caused it recently but I have had pain for over a year. It might have happened when Pete and I had to push the Caravan to move it, which was ages ago, maybe I did some more damage chopping wood or something, I dunno.
This afternoon on my way in to Wagga I passed my son David, who was on his way to Junee and we turned around to talk to each other. My next door neighbor saw us at the side of the road and stopped to see if everything was o.k. I thought that was nice that she stopped to check.
For tea tonight I cooked pork spare ribs with ginger and garlic with them, I heated some little roast potatoes that I had brought frozen and ready made, see I am getting old. Not long ago I would never have looked at not doing my own. However, the price of fruit and veges has risen steeply in recent months due to the drought and then the floods straight on top of that, so frozen vegetables are actually cheaper than fresh at the moment. Bananas are $7.60 a kilo, Apples are not far behind, green beans are $12 and cauliflower are around $6.00 each, I don't buy them when they are too high priced.
Peter is driving me mad with his work at the moment. He has never been able to separate home and work. He always builds his life around his current job. I have been with him since I was 17 years old and I know him too well and know the sighs as to where this is leading. Hmmmm.....
I worked out how to put my camera on macro for close up pics and how to turn the flash off when I do that. Above is a close up of my Mum. I liked it. The picture above working well, does not mean I will remember how to do it again. So, who has dementia?

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Martha said...

Hello Linda, glad to hear it was a good day. Mine was better, too. No BP meds since Thursday night and I feel so much better. I'll talk to the doctor's office Monday and see what can be worked out. You take care of yourself, too.
I am looking for answers to your questions about where I made me more curious about recorded figures and I am tracking them down. We usually have both wet winters and summers but have been having less rain this year.
You are right about food being an addiction. I have to watch myself as I tend to eat more when I am in pain. A hard habit to break.
Keeping you in prayers, Martha