Monday, 9 July 2007

I am back. I have not been able to get a turn on the computer for the last week as the Brett & Annie team have had his computer connected up to obsessively play war craft games. Tonight it is my turn. It was nice and sunny here today which is nice after 4 days at work and some very cold, yucky, drizzly days. I walked down the street twice today. The first time was to take Rufus for a walk and get the morning newspaper. I went down again after lunch to take mum to her optometrist appointment. Well that sounds like a nice idea until I stopped at the baker's shop for a cup of tea and to share an apple turnover with mum. Sort of defeats the purpose doesn't it. I have been doing well up until the last few weeks and keeping my weight loss from coming back, but I am now gaining weight again and the scales show an increase of 3 kg. I have been for a few good walks lately though. Puff Puff! I reckon I totaled 5 km or more today. Last week Pete and I walked up to the top of Rocky hill and along the golf course. Rufus our Jack Russell pup, loved it as he can go off the lead safely there. He chases rabbit scents and runs along, just for the joy of running, tongue and ears flying, with a great grin on his face. But if I go to the baker's shop or keep eating naughty things I guess I might as well give up trying.......
We had the monthly exhibition opening last Saturday afternoon at the potter's club. It was a yucky day but we had a few turn up. Dianne who usually does the arranging at the gallery was not there so I put up my exhibition myself. I arranged my pots on the plinths in the centre of the gallery and thought it was a bit um!. So I stood and looked and thought for a while and thought "it needs dirt". Kath and I went outside in the rain and pulled some bark off the big eucalypt out the front and I put it all around my pots with the crumbly bits of bark looking like dirt. I was happy with it, but I reckon when Di sees it she will have a pink fit and change it. We were all laughing at the thought of Dianne's face when she sees it. I would love to be there when she does, to see her reaction. I sold one of the little red square plates at the opening to Fran, our club president. Nobody wanted to go out for tea because of the weather so Pete, Mum, Dave and I went to the Vic bistro by ourselves. It is always a good meal there.
We have had good rain here but still not enough to say we have come out of the drought. It will take quite a few years to get back to normal after that. 80 percent of new south wales is still drought declared, despite the flooding that has occurred in the hunter valley and the south and central coasts. I was talking to a man I know the other day who is a farmer and he said this season is shaping up too good to be true so he is not trusting anything. He has planted and things are looking good with that but he is still holding his breath to see what happens next. My daughter was best friends with his until half way through high school when she moved away. He said she is like my daughter and hard to motivate to drive, get a job etc, so that was comforting in a strange sort of way. Along the Murrumbidgee and Murray Rivers the govt has brought in new rules that there will be zero water allocations made available to irrigaters for the coming season. That is very harsh is your livelihood depends on it but environmentally I guess I can understand it. The rivers are dying and need a rest and god willing a good flush.

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