Sunday, 2 March 2008


I am blogging today because I want to Veg out and not face myself. I am not good at change. I am here trying to tune it out. It isn't really working.
Today my beloved has taken our little van and gone to Canberra where he starts his new job.
We were over there for the last couple of days looking around and found a house to rent. Paid rental bond etc to reserve it for later this month when it will become vacant. The rental market is expensive and very competitive at the moment in Canberra so we were lucky.It is a great house and ideal for our needs. It has 3 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms, a big hot tub, and a rumpus room which is being used as a big 5th bedroom. Bigger and more modern than our own house, probably out of our price range to buy if it were for sale. There is a park and nature corridor beside the house. It is close to a small but well equipped local shopping centre which is accessible via paved pathways and an over head walkway that crosses a busy road so will be good for Mum to get to on her little electric go-cart (no steps that I could see). Just 10 mins drive from Pete's work place. Pete's comment "I think we have been kissed by a fairy".
There is a big minus. One that has left a big lump in my throat and knots in my stomach. We were able through negotiations to get permission off the owner to have Rufus our dog there but not the cat. I have asked my son Dave if he can look after her for 6 months until we get into our own home again and he wasn't pleased but has said yes. She is a very timid cat and will hide away for ages when we move her but I am telling myself that she will adjust. I have to. She has to.
We have built ourselves a nice lifestyle here in Junee and I am sorry to be leaving. The dilemma between the old and comfortable and the new and progressive. As I have said in different earlier posts, I was an Army brat and so moved around with my Dad's job all my earlier life, every 2 or so years. Since being married to Pete we have lived in 7 different houses until settling in this one for the last 14 or 15 years. I always though that I wanted the stability of knowing people for a long time and feeling a part of the community which I have been here. And yes it has been good. But lacking here are facilities that are available in the city that people here miss.
So! Pete has left, I won't see him until next Friday. We aren't apart often. When the girls at work breath a sigh of relief that their husbands are going somewhere I shrug because Pete and I have never been like that with each other. Mum is visiting at my sister's in Queensland, Dave and Annie are in Wagga and will stay there and Mike is in Wagga, after not coming home after a night out with the boys. It is just me and my animals. I have someone to give my chooks a new home. A friend has taken my doves home with them and will love them. The cockies, Jack, Cheeky and Charlie are going to Canberra with us and we will be on our way.
I have been making lists in my mind for weeks now. Pros and cons for the move, whom I need to inform address wise, of the move, what I will and won't be taking with me, steps to take in the process. I think after writing some things down here I feel a bit happier than when I started writing this morning. Thinking about it just gives me nasty emotional swings.
Bimbimbee.... I took Matilda Sprite with me to Canberra and I think she has approved. The cheeky magpies at Mt Ainslie lookout sang to welcome her yesterday morning. T'was funny at the lookout, Pete commented to a couple of guys riding pushbikes up the steep road to the lookout that it was a good climb on a bike and they commented that yes it was but it was more so after 8 trips. When we left there they had ridden back down and were on the way back up again. More brawn than brain eh! Well maybe they looked at me and my little roly poly body and thought yuck too! Oh well I bet they live longer than me, but who wants to live forever anyway.
Bye for now. Going to pack up my pretties in the glass cabinet.
Love Linda.


Merle said...

Dear Linda May ~~ I hope you will be happy in Canberra when you get moved yourself. I hope your husband enjoys his job OK. Nice that you miss him so much. You will make new friends and life will be good again, and you can keep in touch with some of your closest friends in Junee.
Glad you enjoyed the jokes and the one about Zackery's Disease. and the
question and answers about Tourism Australia. Take care, Love, Merle.

Bimbimbie said...

Hope your forced separation isn't going to be too hard for you, your hubby and your cat of course*!*

If Matilda has given her approval you should be ok then LOL