Friday, 7 March 2008

On the way.

My life this week has been dominated by the Canberra move. I have been packing every empty box/ container that I can lay my hands on and still keep running out of boxes. Raiding boxes from the local IGA supermarket. The boxes I got from there I was grateful for, but they were all small ones so I now have 3 zillion little boxes stacked in what used to be Annie's bedroom. Funny though, they are all grog boxes so if anybody sees them and doesn't know me they would think Hmmmm, I wonder if they emptied those boxes first. Ha Ha. Also got some boxes off the girls at work. Bigger ones but those are all full now too. I have to go hunting again. St Vincents De Paul in Junee will love me as I have been giving them lots of my unwanted things. Or maybe not? I haven't finished yet. What a way to spend your annual holidays.
I had a bloke come here yesterday to give a quote to take all my furniture etc across to Canberra. He is the local bloke so I reckon he will do. When he gets back to me I can bite him for some more boxes too. I know of him and his family, so that's good. He was helpful and seemed nice. He said that it can take a lot longer than the time I have allotted myself to pack everything so I need to concentrate on the stuff in the house and the stuff from the sheds and yard can be handled later if need be. This is so huge, remind me not to rush into one of these good ideas again in a hurry. More help is available, for a price of course, if I need it. It is tempting, but no, I will see how I go first.
Today I have been down in my pottery shed boxing up and sorting all the glaze ingredients and glazes. I got most of them dried out first as I thought they would pack better in dry form. There are 4 big plastic crates so far. That's just the glaze stuff. Tomorrow I have to demonstrate at the local museum. There is a festival on in town over the weekend. "The Rhythm and Rail Festival" Saturday at the museum they are having a living museum day with stalls, spinners & weavers, woodworkers, blacksmiths, quilting, old engines, and me hand building pottery. I am not real good on the wheel. Kath is coming to help me too. They are also trying for a Guinness world record , having 2000 people playing smoke on the water on guitars at once. I have actually heard 3 different locations for this so far, so I hope everyone turns up at the same place! Lol. Also there will be a concert at the round house. Which is a big railway turntable, the largest working one in the southern hemisphere. They have had a few there before, the acoustics are really nice in there and it is lovely sitting there at sunset with the music happening.
The sight of the week was me on tuesday morning. I had to take Mum's electric go cart down the street to the tyre place as it had 2 front tyres flat, after being punctured by bindies (big nasty prickles that go through tyres and are painful to step on) . I couldn't ride it because of the tyre being flat so I had to walk beside it, trying to keep it going with my hands pressing the speed lever thingy and steer it at the same time. My arms and shoulders were screaming by the time I got 1/2 way there. About a 3 km round trip. Rufus our dog, of course had to come with me so he sat up happily on the seat and watched the proceedings from his perch. I got some funny looks. Then I had to get it back home again, I rode it home, I must have looked lazy at my age riding it back with Rufus, again getting a free ride sitting on the deck between my feet. Never mind Mum will be happy when she can use it to go back and forwards to the shops in Canberra.
O.k. gotta go down to the museum and see Brian to work out the set up for tomorrow. And do some more packing and sorting.
Bye, Love Linda.


Kat Neely Jones said...

Hey Linda,

Just wanted to wish you the best on your move to Canberra. Wish I could help with the packing - I know how it is. Does the new rental have a place where you can do your pottery?

I hope it all goes smoothly for you, and that soon you'll find a house to buy so you can have all your pets with you.

Thinking of you

Bimbimbie said...

I'm giggling over that image of you walking your dog Rufus .... Linda there are easier ways you know. Hope you had a great day at the festival and your demonstration went according to plan. All the best with all that packing. Smiles *!* Coffee and Chocolate help you pack quicker ;)

miss*R said...

that festival sounds fantastic! Is it on once a year or monthly?

our Ulysses bike club come to Junee in October but I am getting a little tired of the same thing that they do (ride to Temora to see those planes) so a festival or market would be perfect!

it is amazing how much we accumulate in our homes. I dread if we ever move.