Monday, 10 March 2008

Pete has just left to return to work in Canberra. I worked today, finishing at 3.30.
Did a mail redirection form and paid to have my mail redirected to Canberra.
Got some junk food at the supermarket for the next few days as I have already packed most of the stuff in my pantry.
Resigned from the salary packaging thingy at work.
I tried to take a heap of stuff down to St Vincent De Paul after work today but they were already closed at 4.00
Tried to get out of working for the last few days so I could pack, but they are too short staffed. They are planning a farewell dinner for me on next Monday night.
Informed by mail, 2 magazine subscriptions we get delivered, our new address.
Over the last week and a half I have packed 2 zillion boxes, threw out half a ton of junk and cleaned out every cupboard and storage space as I go, but I am still not finished. There is however light at the end of the tunnel. Things are starting to look like they may soon reach a successful conclusion, instead of me standing in the middle of it all and groaning "where do I start"?
We had some people look at our house on Saturday, they liked it but as yet we have heard no more. It would have to be a fluke though if anything happened with the sale of our house so soon I reckon.
The museum day last Saturday was good. There were not a lot of people through because there was so much else going on around town as part of the festival. I made a pot on the wheel and had a few kids play on the kids table. I also made a chook for Kath. There were quite a few people interested to see it progress, as they couldn't imagine how a lump of clay could become a chook. I was trying not to make very much because of the move and so I managed to give the wheel made pot away to someone else to decorate and got rid of it. I hope to fire my kiln for the last time here this Wednesday. Then I can finish packing that up too. I will miss the people there even though I have only recently got to know some of them. I will certainly miss Brian and his wife Heather who I have come to like a lot.
I have been invited back to future events at the museum. Also to do workshops for the Vietnam Veterans group who have received a grant to set up a pottery workshop here in Junee for the districts veterans and families.
I think that getting involved more in local pottery activities has helped me look towards a future with pottery, more than I have been doing for the last few years of my craft, as going to Canberra will provide a bigger market for my skills. Maybe when I have my own shed again I could teach some children's classes. But that is only an idea at the moment. First I need to find a part time job that will pay me some money, things will be a bit tight until our house sells and is finalized.
Lines from a favourite song by Billy Joel. Can't remember the name but it is off the storm front album. "And so it goes, and so it goes, And so will I soon I suppose".
Better go and feed my chooks and the cockies and cook some tea for Michael and I.
Bye Love Linda.

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miss*R said...

I do not envy you at all... not one little bit.. I hate packing up a house! best of luck with the move :)