Sunday, 30 March 2008

I'm back.

G'Day Everyone,
I am back after the shift to Canberra. Puter is back up and running. I have had a very hectic few weeks since I last wrote in here. Moving is much more work than I can ever remember it being when I was younger and I moved around more often. Maybe I collected too much stuff or maybe I had play money to spend and collected junk, anyway. I never have been the sort that finds it easy to throw things away when they haven't fallen apart yet. There are still boxes to be unpacked, some that I have repacked after sorting and some that I won't need here so I won't be unpacking. There are still some things to be moved here from Junee, (a shed full) the removalist is storing them until he can back load them for me. Garden tools, pottery stuff, including kilns, and things I couldn't bear to throw away, silly things from my memories with the kids etc. I still haven't found our clock radio. I know it is in a box with stuff from the bedroom desk and it is wrapped in my new green top but where is it? Pete is setting the alarm on his mobile phone to get up for work in the morning.
Since my last post here when I wrote about loosing Jack I have also lost my cat Boo. I wasn't able to bring her to this house so I took her to Wagga to my son David's house until we got back into our own house. Well, she managed to open a bedroom window and escape in the middle of the night. She was very capable of opening sliding doors so it was an easy progression to open a sliding window. I left adverts in the local newspaper and on the radio but as yet nobody contacted us. She is very timid and it is unlikely that she would come to anyone if they called her. I just hope if she survives and manages to make her way back to Junee (38km) that someone there recognises her and lets me know. I talked to the neighbours and left a letter in the house for the new owner if she goes back. I am doubtful though as she was an inside cat. It might be funny if the new owner comes out one morning to an open back door and a strange cat sitting there.
In the last week I have been having a look around and sort of worked out my sense of direction here. I haven't got badly lost anyway.
I have made 2 trips to Junee on the weekends to get my pot plants over here and the yard here is starting to look like my own. The first lot of plants I brought over was in the trailer and they got badly shredded and damaged. Some of them might not recover for a long time. Yesterday I got another lot of plants over here but I loaded them all into the back seat of the car and in the boot. Much better. The car needs a good clean. I can probably load the car up again during the week and get the last of them across here. We have had several visits from the owner of this house to fix up minor bits and pieces and for him to put things in the back shed. He is a nice bloke, easy to get along with and talk to. He has given me free reign to play in the garden which is nice, but suffering drought damage with some shrubs needing a good cutting back and a few other shrubs needing removal. All the trees and shrubs in the yard are deciduous so in the next month I will have leaves everywhere. The water restrictions here are at level 3. Which means I can water every second day (odds and evens house numbers) from 7 to 10 in the morning and the same time at night. No lawn watering. There is a watering system installed but as I am technologically challenged I reckon it will be easier to water by hand.
On Wednesday I went for a drive around with Michael and we had a look in Bison pottery. I got talking to the lady behind the counter and she took my name and details for a job. I hope it leads to something.
Today is Pete's birthday and he said he wanted spaghetti bolognaise for tea tonight. So that's easy. I also bought a pavlova for dessert. I usually make my own but as we went out today I didn't get around to it. It is about time I started cooking.
Bye Love Linda.


Krissie said...

take care Linda -moving is v stressful and you need to take good care of yourself - pace yourself with all the stuff you have to do, it does take time, before youre settled.

Bimbimbie said...

aww Linda, I'm sorry to hear about Boo. You never know strange things happen with pets making their way back to their old home. *!* I'm glad things are beginning to look like home for you.

A wildlife gardener said...

Gosh! You really have been in the throws of things with a big house move recently...and losing your cat, Boo, into the bargain as well. How distressing for you! I hope a miracle happens and that he will be returned to you, safe and sound :)

Merle said...

Dear Linda ~~ Glad you are getting settled after the move and I hope you will enjoy living in Canberra. Bad
luck about your cat, but h may turn up. I hope your husband had a great birthday and likes his job. Also hope
that you can get one soon.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.