Thursday, 3 April 2008

Today is a cool clear sunny day here in Canberra, with a 16 degree Celsius maximum expected temperature, and it feels like it too. I have had the wood heater burning since mid morning, when I got over the last round of my hot flushes. Ha. There was several inches of snow overnight in the snowy mountains, just up the hill, not too far from here.
This morning I watered out the front yard and divided and replanted some of the daisies and succulents around that are in the garden. I found a few patches of bulbs just emerging through the soil, they look like freesias.
I am really annoyed today to find out that my finish up pay is still not in the bank. Sonia my supervisor from my Junee job faxed the pay office people on the 13Th of march with my details and I have rang them three times before today to see what is happening to my pay. They told me it would be there last Friday, then today, now they have told me that it will be in the bank this Saturday. Pretty shoddy service guys, not to mention very very inconvenient to the person waiting on their final pay. I guess you wonder why people get annoyed at you and the health system gets bad publicity. I don't want to work back in the public health system for quite a few reasons. The most annoying one though is the penny pinching and cost cutting.
This afternoon I have been looking on the puter at job advertisements. I found one for a cleaner at a nursing/retirement home place on the other side of town that sounds good ( yes I know that that is the same as my last job) so I rang up to enquire and it hasn't been filled yet, so they are sending me their application forms. I have been getting a bit bored in the afternoons when the housework is done so it must be time to look.
I have been watching the birds around the area. There are some very cheeky currawongs that have been coming into the back yard to get the left over seed that has been discarded from my bird cages onto the back lawn. I also have a pot plant saucer underneath one of the downpipes from the roof to catch water in and birds have been bathing in it and drinking there. They are not timid at all and sit and watch you to see if you might leave anything they can eat. There are also lots of Indian Miner birds, some top knot pigeons and I have seen quite a few mountain lorikeets, wattle birds, magpies, pee wees, sulphur crested cockatoos and galahs. It is good not to see sparrows everywhere like there was in Junee. The only introduced birds I have spotted so far have been the miners. It is interesting though because the top knot pigeons here are smaller and a bit different to the ones around Junee, I don't think they are a different breed but maybe showing regional differences. I am tossing up the idea of encouraging the local birds by leaving out feed for them or whether it is a good idea to do so as they could become dependant and less able to look after themselves in the wild. Opinions greatly appreciated on this. What do you think?
I have met the neighbour over the back fence and the people across the street, so far that is about all. Oh and the rude teenager a few doors down, across the road, who cut the corner in his car and gave me a dirty look because I was in the way. It is a very small street. I am as yet not considered a Canberra driver as I have been unable to master the art of zooming around round abouts on two wheels and staying upright in my little car. Lol.
Oh and while I am on the subject of driving. Last Tuesday I was nearly wiped off the face of the earth by an inpatient truckie on my trip back to Junee to pick up my pot plants and take my daughter back to Wagga. I am sure he must have been on drugs or something because he was trying to harass me and push me to go faster all the way through the road works on the Sturt highway. There is a lot of roadworks being done between Yass and Gundagi at the moment as they are working on the duplication of the double carriageway between the two towns and on the bypass near Coolac . Anyway there was a truck and another car in front of me and this truckie behind me thought we shouldn't slow down for the road works and that I could go faster than the vehicles in front of me so was trying to push me by running up to within a foot off the back of my car. When we got to Gundagi I moved into the right hand lane of the dual carriageway to turn right into the shops there and this guy moved into the lane with me to overtake, when I slowed down to turn in, he kept coming and nearly hit the back of my car almost running over the top of me. I reckon he missed me by no more than a few inches. That stretch of road is notoriously bad with several fatalities happening in the last few years at that very spot.
Well that is about all for today's post. Thank you for your comments, I always check to see if I have any and love to receive them.
Bye Love Linda.


winterwood said...

Linda..any advice on how to handle menapause and hot flushes?

You have v cold days over there..over here we had rain all day today and now its just humid and a bit wet. I love those crips cold mornings...

Bimbimbie said...

Hi Linda, at least the feathered neighbours sound nice *!* I was always in two minds about putting food out for the birds there's always two schools to everything isn't there. We have a local bird expert on the radio who puts food out for his daily visitors - just enough for them to have a treat. He puts out grey sunflower seed, and feeds bits of heart to the meat eaters.

He's studied a number of vet records regarding wildlife deaths - non have been attributed to overfeeding by humans as the other school of thought would have us believe *!*