Monday, 14 April 2008

Yesterday we drove down the big hill (the escarpment) to Bateman's bay and had lunch then went a bit further south along the coast through Mogo and then to my favourite little beach Tomakin. I have written about Tomakin in my blog before. Of course at Mogo you find the lolly shop so we had to go that way.
We decided that we would take Rufus our dog with us because he hasn't been to the beach before, except at the river in Wagga, which is not quite the same. Before we left I put his bed in the car for him to sit in. He is quite content to sit in it in the car as he can see out the window. We will try to teach him that the bed goes when we go on a longer trip in the car so he knows what is going on.
Anyway we got him to the beach and he was a bit wary at first but most interested, as always, in the delicious doggie smells. When we got onto the beach we let him off the lead because there were no other doggies around and he was fascinated with the clumps of seaweed lying around so had to mark as many of them as he could manage with his scent. It always amazes me that he doesn't run dry trying to do this. He is so funny. Next he decided that he loved the feel of the sand on his feet and ran wild, around each of us in circles, kicking up the sand as he went and trying to catch it in his mouth. He soon decided that it wasn't good to eat. Then he bought us sticks to throw, which also put sand in his mouth so he thought better of that too, after a very short time. He was curious about the waves chasing him but didn't get too far into the water as it was a bit chilly.
Me with my warped sense of humor made balls out of the damp sand and threw them for him to catch and he jumped high trying to get them but was most puzzled when they disappeared on hitting the ground. He tried to dig them up again but couldn't find where they had gone. I am so mean, but it was very funny.
Having him at the beach with us was like having a child again, discovering new adventures and loving every minute of it. Running in the sand for the joy of being alive. Lovely.
Also at the beach were six of those big kite things, I don't know what the proper name for them is, that surfers use to pull them along in the water. They looked great fun and skim along the top of the water very fast jumping over the waves.
It got very dark and threatening around 3.00 so we hurried back to the car and came home again. One of the advantages of moving to Canberra was the distance from the coast compared to where we were in Junee. It is only a 2 hour drive from here.
I have to go and talk to a bloke on Friday morning about a cleaning job. He has contracts for 2 schools and an office. By the phone calls I have had with him it sounds o.k. and he might take Michael on as well if we are lucky. It is 17 hrs per week if I get it so that should be o.k.
I decided against applying for the job I mentioned a while ago in a nursing home as it is right over the other side of the city and would have been a pain to travel back and forwards to. I better get my resume fixed up for Friday.
It looks like there are quite a lot of jobs advertised that I could tackle. There was even one advertised on the weekend for a facilities cleaner at the zoo. I reckon that might have been a pleasant place to work. But no, I will wait to see what happens with this bloke on Friday first.


Bimbimbie said...

Hi Linda. I'm going to have to come back and read your other posts tomorrow ... you are a meanie but very funny making sand balls for your dog. He sounds like one of mine who is so close to the ground it's hardly worth him lifting his leg to a blade of grass. Where do they store all that pee when they go walkies? lol
Smiles *!*

Anonymous said...

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