Saturday, 19 April 2008

Today I went back to Junee to get some more stuff out of that shed to cart over here and store in this shed. We now have tools, garden stuff and some clay. I will have to get back into that (potting I mean). Pete and I both took our cars, Pete's with the trailer on the back. The last of the pot plants are here now, plus a couple of plants that I took from the garden as it is dying off badly from lack of water and love. I watered the gardens and cleaned the fish pond which had quite a bit of this algae type plant growing in it that grows in long green strands and takes over. I probably can't get rid of it without poisoning the fish too. I took the red, pink, apricot and blue iris, and the day lillies, even though the day lillies hadn't flowered for me yet I want to see what they do.
I also rocked up to the new hospital and got my guided tour. It is very nice and better for the patients who have more space, nicer environment etc. The staff are tired. They moved in a week and a half ago and are still working out processes and procedures for the new place. It looked like a bit of a rabbit warren to me, but I guess if I had to work there I would soon work it out. That's not going to happen though is it.
Nan came to Canberra on Wednesday, we got her go cart here today. It has yet another flat tyre, a legacy of the big bindies (cat heads) in Junee, I haven't seen any around here yet. She will be able to go to the shops by herself when she gets used to the place. Watch out! Nanny on the loose. When we got home this evening she was sitting on the lounge all rugged up and met us with complaints that the house was too cold but she hadn't tried to put the heater on or light the wood fire, and didn't know what food she should have got. She said she had been cold all day.
My shoulders and arms have been giving me hell over the last few days. On Thursday, especially Thursday night, I was in agony and several different pain killers made no impact on the pain. I know I had taken too many over the 24 hr period and was getting quite worried. I made a Drs appointment for Monday. Surely there has to be something better than taking anti inflammatories that eat away your stomach to take the aches and pains away. I have been on these nasty drugs for too long now, maybe the new Dr will send me somewhere for exercise and physiotherapy. After the little bit of lifting I did today my shoulders are in spasm and it feels like a constant Chinese burn in my shoulders and neck and I can't look down because it hurts too much.
Michael and I went to the job interview on Friday morning and were given the job. We will be cleaning a school together for a couple of hours each afternoon, plus an office near the school. It adds up to 17 hrs each per week. Should be good. A good place to start, the boss fellow said there is room to have more hrs later if we want them. It is also good because Michael and I can travel together so that will be easier for us both. The boss , Brett, will ring us next week some time to give us final details etc. He said during the interview that he was a very good judge of character so he chose us, that's nice isn't it.
That's about all I have been up to over the last few days.
My new red lounge should be delivered next week some time. We are still waiting... waiting. I thought it should have been here by now. Ah well!
Dave our second son, is coming to visit us tomorrow, we have to go to Yass to pick him up. He has a week off work. Annie and her Michael are coming next weekend for a visit.
Next weekend is Anzac day.
O.K. bye for now. Love Linda.


winterwood said...

Linda - you seem to pack into a day than I do into a month of days! Phew, do you ever tired? What and how are you going to do pottery in your new place?

miss*R said...

Hi Linda - finally I get out of my blogging break to take time to visit friends!
have you tried acupuncture for you painful shoulders? it has helped me over the years with back pain.

are you getting the rain? we have had so much over the past few months, not complaining at all but I heard that the rain is not everywhere in the state.

we are off to Sussex Inlet this weekend, cannot wait. Then later in the year we are going to Junee again and also Yass!
can't wait to see some of your pottery here on your blog. I have a pond now, no algae yet but I have a fountain in mine which keeps the water aerated.