Sunday, 6 April 2008


Today was a beautiful day. Sunny and clear, cool in the morning and evening, perfect Autumn weather. Pete and I went sticky beaking around at the sights here. There is lots on to look at at this time of year. We looked at the lifestyle fair, the Hall markets and at the display home village. We only saw one house we looked at that we liked much. The new homes on display are a far cry from what was around just a few short years ago on the housing market. What I really really disliked about them the most is the shift away from having a back yard and a patch of dirt to play in and garden with. The land sizes of the houses we were looking at were all below 500 square metres. Yuk. A distance of just 6 feet between each house and a skinny strip of back yard about 8 ft wide along the back fence. What was nice though was the amount of storage in the houses and the good sizes of the living areas and consideration to heating/ cooling passively. I couldn't stand living somewhere where I couldn't dig in the dirt and plant things. From the lifestyle fair I got a nice grevillea to plant out the front yard to replace the dead shrub I demolished on Friday. We can use the wood in the heater but I will need help to finish the job as I haven't got the dead stump out yet. The grevillea has orange flowers and silver grey foliage it will grow to 2 or 3 metres and is not prickly. No, it is not a monstrously huge silky oak. Should be drought tolerant enough to survive in a rented house after we have gone.
On the way home we went to a chocolate cafe and had a bit of cake and a cup of hot chocolate each. My cake was great. It was a raspberry mouse and chocolate cake. ( No calories in that!) I haven't tried out the oven in this house yet, maybe tomorrow I might cook some nice but naughty cake to try it out.
Tonight for tea we had Turkish bread, heated in the oven and filled with a red salmon, coriander and mayonnaise mixture, hommus, tomato, avocado, onion, and lettuce. It was nice, easy too.
Yesterday we looked around the furniture places and I bought a bright red leather lounge. It is lovely, I have always wanted a red lounge, I love red. I got a 2 seater and a three seater matching pair. I get it in a week to 10 working days. All paid for by my finish up pay from my old job. Which I finally got after 3 weeks wait.
Well that's about all for the last few days of my boring life.
Goodnight. Love Linda.


Bimbimbie said...

I just planted a couple of grevillas last week. Aren't they a great fuss free shrub and the birds flock to
them which is brilliant.

I'm with you about the house trend for no gardens. They might as well live in apartments then houses. Seems such a waste of land and sad for the kids too not get messy in the garden *!*

Merle said...

G'Day Linda ~~ I don't agree with you that your life is boring. You have made a big change in your life and getting on with it. Your lounge suite sounds great, and you are looking around Canberra and seeing the sights. Hopefully, you will find a job soon, if that is what you want.
Thanks for your comments and I am glad you liked "Keep Your Fork" and it is nice to know the best is yet to come. Thank you so much for your thoughts and concern for Vicki and her family and her Dad Peter. He will be with them now which will help all of them. Take care, and
enjoy your new surroundings.
Love, Merle.

winterwood said...

Linda - thanks for posting in your menapause advice for me - v interesting isnt it.

I planted a grevillia - a robyn Gordon on the weekend...hope it grows fingers crossed. today we had turkish it, and your blog is never boring, just full of daily stories...intersting to read.

Anonymous said...

I have flown over from Bimbimbie's bird's nest to say hello :)Sorry about your Jack, there's a Jack my family belong to but he's a Red-collared Lorikeet. I agree what you say about new homes - one was built next door and takes up almost all the property when over the fence we have the same space but lots of trees instead.