Sunday, 12 April 2009

New prompt, "Tell a Tale"

I went to bed too early tonight and am wide awake at 2.00 in the morning. Not a good idea to go to bed so early. Anyway. I found this new writing site via Anthony North's blog, he puts up a list of them to encourage writer's creativity. Thanks Anthony. You can find a link to his blog on my side bar if you want to have a look.
The site is called "Tell a Tale" They put up a picture to write about and set a word limit at 300 words, and you get a point or two for doing it right. Well I don't always follow the rules, and points, well not worried about them, and I don't know how to transfer the picture on the site across to my blog so, if this doesn't fit in with the rules so be it. But here is my first try anyway.
The picture was of a man whom I surmised to be on his death bed, he is watched over by a grey haired Dr and the late afternoon sunshine is streaming through the window across his body showing the angles of the patients face and body. Let me see if I can paint a picture with words for you so you can see what I have interpreted.


Ahh! Old man. This is so, so, different to what I have done before. I have sat so many times thus with a patient but never one so close to me or so dear to me as you are.
I see you and remember you and our times together.
now the skin is stretched taunt across your face and body
Your body is no longer able to process the sustenance that is provided it and is so thin and angular
the late afternoon sunlight shining on it from a benevolent star
adding golden warmth and shadow
Your body.
Body that has in it's time on this plane of existence, done all that a body was built to do.
To live, to love, to create, to build, to procreate, to destroy , to nurture, to .......
and done it all well.
Now ravaged and worn by the life you have lead
and winding down to unconsciousness and towards it's last breath.
I am communicating telepathically with you
How many times have I sat here over the last week ,
watched and willed your chest to rise again
that faint pulse beating to continue in your neck to show me that you are still here with me
But I know it is your time,
to move to the next plane and you are ready for it
I sit here with you to farewell you on your journey
I have no right to try to stop you anymore for my own purposes
So when you are ready, go
move to take the hands of those long gone loved ones and others who are there to welcome you
to lead you through the gates
to a place where the pains and things that mattered so much in this life will matter no more
and you will be at peace
Go with love
God bless.

So there tis' my first go at the new site.
I have sat with people and said goodbye to them like this. I worked in a hospital for 14 years until I moved to Canberra where I am now, and talked telepathically with them to say goodbye. I have seen this scene many times over. It isn't always sad to say goodbye when you know that someone is suffering and it would be a relief for them to go and they are ready to go. When working in the hospital, especially with long term patients, you can become very attached to some of them and get to know them as friends. I have many memories of such people from my time there. I also know that when it is your loved one lying there in the bed it is a much different situation.
But I didn't get to do that with my Dad when he died.
Love Linda.


hary!! said...

good articulation....i'll grab a few pointers!! :) keep writing

Amias said...

Very good Linda. I love stories in prose format ... you kept to the prompt very well.

Mohita said...

Saw ur comment on my blog..I felt a strange inclination to visit yours.
And I am happy to have come across your blog.You have an amazing one.A promising blogger in the making!!

Would keep visiting yours.
Looking forward to hear from you.

Shadow said...

what a sad yet beautiful tale...

deepteshpoetry said...

Touching.C my poem 2 on my blog.

Jay said...

Oooh, interesting! And though I haven't seen the picture, I can see it now through your writing.

Story Teller said...

Well Done Linda. That was a very good story. I particularly liked the post and pre scripts in the story. They were too good. Good to know you worked in a Hospital. Keep visiting Tell a Tale and keep participating.

Thanks for contributing and participating :)

Bimbimbie said...

Very moving Linda, can tell from your words you have been there*!*

Merle said...

Dear Linda ~~ Your description is so amazing and well written. Sadly not everyone is happy to let go when
they should do so.

Keep on writing, you do it so well.
Love, Merle.

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