Saturday, 11 April 2009

Sunday Scribblings, "Scared"

The Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is "Scared". What scares me. Lots.
The thing that scares me most is that something might happen to hurt, injure or do worse than that to my children and loved ones.A real mummy type fear, I guess most of us have that one don't we?
Scared of
motor bikes, ......they kill
fairground rides......tipped upside down and spun around
the arts
being held down.......I fight
big animals.........fascinate and draw me but scared of them still
having my feet off the ground.........never even rode a push bike
fighting...............don't like the consequences, except for if I win, he he
losing control of my emotions/ temper........always try to stay in control of them, hate when I don't.
lightening near me.........lovely to watch but....
centipedes...........these guys really creep me out. Especially the giant red ones we have here.
poisonous snakes.............isn't everyone?
dishonest people who con me too easily.......I am gullible with these types of people.
being alone..............always thought I would like this but after trying it, after a few days, didn't.
fakes...............I loath this trait in others and would not allow it in myself.

Hey on a lighter note!
the antitheses could be;

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with string
these are a few of my favorite things......
Yeah still crazy.
Not as bad as last week and the week before but worse than next week, hopefully.

Linda ism for the week.
"Scared is just one "r" away from scarred."


Yesterday we went walking around the lake with our doggie and had fish and chips for our good Friday lunch. T'was good, and I even got to use up some of the calories I consumed from the fried food which upset my tummy because I have not been eating that type of stuff lately.
The autumn colours are just starting to develop in the many deciduous trees planted all around Canberra. The oily dark burgundies, browns, reds, yellow and oranges. The colours should be in full glory in the next week or so as it starts to cool down further into the new season. It got down to a minimum temperature of 5 Celsius a few nights ago. Good weather for snuggling down into the quilt and staying in bed late of a morning. Mmmmmmmmm.
During the week a mechanic tried to rip me off. He told me that my car needed $3150 worth of repairs done to it, which is twice the amount that my whole car is worth. When I showed someone the list of what needed doing they told me that most of it was over priced and of minor consequence. I did not go back to them, so he lost a customer over it. I got the things that needed fixing done else where and will be leaving the rest of the little bits and pieces until they really need doing. Off that list, of importance were a number plate light bulb, which I might have been booked for, 2 front tyres and a wheel balance. My little old car is running fine otherwise. The shock absorbers might need some work in the future but so far.........So..........Mr Mechanic go take a long walk off a short pier.
Bye for now.
Love Linda


floreta said...

i'm afraid of losing control of my emotions too.. it's probably why i don't like to drink.

anthonynorth said...

Plenty to fear there, but a happy tune to set our minds at rest.

Shadow said...

i cannot tell you how nice it is to hear you so bubbly. and losing control???? i fear that too....

Rinkly Rimes said...

I envy you seeing Autumn tints in your part of Australia.

Nana said...

The cure to fear (at least for your fear of centipedes) is to eat them!! We have an insectarium in montreal, where you get to touch different insects and eat them (they grill them, or wrap them in chocolate). My father ate some caterpilars in a sauce with rice, once. I tasted, but it was so dry... LOL. Try everything at least once, right? As well, Autumn is my favorite time of the year, I hope you enjoy it :)

Anonymous said...

i lose control and composure almost all the time!

latree said...

wow that's a long list of scary thing.
I guess I'm brave enough then.

keith hillman said...

What a great bundle of bits! I'm with you on most of your fears - except for being alone. I love it and can't imagine ever returning to my previous claustrophobic lifestyle.

Tumblewords: said...

Full list of scare-ies. I have some of the same ones, but having never faced them they seem to have fallen further down the list. Nice post!

Jay said...

"fighting...............don't like the consequences, except for if I win, he he"

Ah, but even winning has consequences - often unforeseen!

"Linda ism for the week.
"Scared is just one "r" away from scarred.""

And as another Sunday Scribbler pointed out, just one letter-swap away from being sacred! ;)

Marguerite said...

I'm afraid of many of these same things, but I like how you ended on a lighter note...favourite things.

I'm sure the autumn colours are gorgeous. Looking forward to some pics. Enjoyed this post.

Anonymous said...

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