Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunday Scribblings "Celebrate"

Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is "Celebrate".
Boy is that a hard one for me in my present frame of mind, it might be cathartic though for me to work on, mightn't it. I am still a bit crazy here, up and feeling o.k one minute and down the next with everything that has happened going back and forwards through my brain and torturing myself with the details.
Celebrate, well last time I celebrated was a couple of Saturday nights ago when I was back in Junee. It was my old workmate Leonie's 50th birthday. So I went along to the party at the bowling club to see her. She always throws great parties and is the one person I know who can be termed the most social and popular person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. There were 5 of us girls working at Junee hospital that were turning 50 this year, Leonie was the first of them. Lindy, Anne, who I went to high school with, Raylene and I were the other four. So 1959 must have been a year for good people.
Anyways I went to the party and talked to and hugged everyone and danced and sang, because that is what happens at Leonie type parties, even though she does have the occasional drink she doesn't usually , she does not need to use alcohol to have fun. She had a local guy, Peter Hook, who was up on stage as the D.J. and whenever her favorite singer John Farnham sang a song she jumped up there and danced on the stage. So funny, and typical Leonie. She loves to have a good time and always encourages you to join in and do the same. So I celebrate Leonie, who has reached 50 years old and is a great person. She does not have the perfect life, marriage and whatever else but she celebrates when ever she can and nothing holds her down for long. She has lots of friends and makes friends easily by drawing people to her. In the picture above, Leonie is the one in the middle, I am wearing the orange shirt (with my big mouth flapping) and Fiona is on the other side. It was taken last weekend in Wagga when we had lunch together. Fiona was also a workmate from Junee hospital but moved to Western Australia probably 2 years ago and was back for a visit. Her home town is Urana where I lived for 6 years, while my hubby worked on the council there, so we have that link, I knew some of her family there but not her, as she was a bit younger and still in her teens when we lived there. My daughter was born while we were living there. Funny old place Urana , when we lived there, there was about 400 people in the town. I think there are less now and it is dying. It was sure looking very old and shabby last time I drove through there a year or so back.
I also celebrate new life. Another friend in Junee, Linda, became a grandma for the first time last Saturday night. Her daughter Deanne gave birth to a daughter of her own, a lovely new life, weighing in at 7lb and strong and healthy, named Tiane. So welcome Tiane.
I also celebrate my children. My sweet daughter Anne-Marie, who is studying at university in Wagga in her second year of a psychology course. My second son David, who is such a strong and happy, social person and my eldest son Michael who has suffered depression for years but since moving to Canberra is moving forwards with his life and is a good guy (always was, just didn't believe it or want to prove it). He got his driver's licence last week and bought his first car, so that is a really big step forward for him now he can be more independent.
I would like to say that I celebrate my marriage to Peter but at the moment I am still too battle scarred to do so. We are together and working on things and talking, probably better than we have ever talked together but it is still Early days and I am still feeling like shit, and as I said before, still up and down . But isn't make up sex great. He he. We have so much history together and I can not imagine ever losing that, but things have definitely been damaged. I guess I wasn't ready to lose everything we had in our past or planned for our future together, so I am holding on. I love him though I haven't been liking him much lately, but I want to get that back, then there is the trust issue.
We are planning a trip to South Australia in a few weeks time and taking the caravan with us. I have been down there a couple of times and he hasn't been to S.A. at all yet. I want to see Goolwa and the Coorong. Goolwa is the town where the Murray river meets the sea and the Coorong is an environmentally sensitive national park with a long narrow spit of land that is between the coast and the sea and is full of wildlife, especially birds, but is damaged by global warming etc and may not be there as it is forever, as a consequence. The Coorong is where the "Storm Boy" movie was set and filmed. Then we might take a bus tour of Adelaide, which is better than finding your own way around. You get the commentary as well, that you wouldn't have known about touring by yourself. Maybe take the Barossa valley route ( big wine making/growing area) on the way back, we are not much on drinking but it is an area that is very pretty and well worth the tour. I don't mind a wine, or should that be whine lately, but am certainly no connoisseur, in either form of the word. Anyway, our plans are not set in concrete at the moment, we will just do it and see where it leads us. Should be good, especially looking forwards to the precious time by ourselves together. The map we were looking at last night said that it is over 1100km, one way, by road from here.
So celebrate.....
Good and bad
and in between times
They are all part of your journey through life
Remember that none of those times will last forever.
Bad returns full circle to good
Even though it may take a while
Good can become bad
But indifference can lead to either.

Thank you everyone for your comments and support over the last few weeks I appreciate your contact.
Love Linda.


Nana said...

'1959' is a year when great people were born, I can attest to that, as my daddy turned 50 in February :)
I hope things get resolved between your hubby & you, may whatever happen be a resolution that makes you happy. & make up sex is always great sex, at least there's something good in a bad situation. :)

miss*R said...

Linda May - your planned caravan trip sounds fantastic... I love caravans, we have an old one by the sea at Sussex Inlet.. and I decorate it up like a Gypsy Caravan. Hopefully this time away will bring back some romance to your both... when you go to the wine area.. can I suggest a bottle of red - maybe a merlot, some candles and flowers on the table, dinner cooked in the caravan.. something yummy and celebrate your lives together.. xo

the comment you made about where I live: yes, it is very bohemian/alternate.. I love it.. you can be who you want to be and no one blinks an eyelid..

anthonynorth said...

There's always plenty to celebrate if we look hard enough - and it helps us through the bad times, too.

Shadow said...

i'm so glad you are putting all the pieces back together again. and having some good times inbetween. love and hugs!

Anonymous said...

i dont know but this has put me back o my toes!!!

GreenishLady said...

Dear Linda,I miss a lot of blog-posts, and had no idea what you have been going through. I celebrate your tenacity and your positive attitude, and hope that however it all comes out, it will be for the best for you. Bless you.

Dee Martin said...

Such honesty about something so painful and personal - I will say a prayer for you while you walk through this. It's such a shock when everything in our life turns upside down and we find ourselves lost in uncharted territory.

latree said...

in the beginning you found it hard what to tell, but you finally found so many things to celebrate..
that friend of yours, sure have to celebrate for having lots of friends...


gautami tripathy said...

I wish you the very best.


SS: The Red Tent

Tumblewords: said...

Life is to be celebrated, even through the some rough places. Good post!

Jay said...

'Remember that none of these times will last forever'

I think that's a very important thing to remember, and a very good reason to celebrate the good things, even in the midst of the bad.

Hang in there - the good will come around again!

Granny Smith said...

I think your trajectory is "UP", even though this frequently feels like "down". At least I hope so. You have been going through so much and sharing it so honestly! I am glad that you can still find reasons for celebration.


Devil Mood said...

Hi Linda!
I guess this prompt can catch us at different times in our lives; while ones find things to celebrate, others may find it a bit more difficult. But as you reasoned so well in the end of your poem all things come and go and there's always something to celebrate.
I hope it gets better for you, but I think very good things are there already.

Sorrow said...

Hang on to those things that lift you up,
and do not give credence to that which brings you down.
Life is to short,
guess all we can do is dance.

Winterwood said...

celebrate the fact that youve gotten thru it so far and found out that you have so many frreinds and good support in real life and in cyber space!! Giving you huge hugs!!! krissie Keep well!
ps miss R gives good advice!!

Bimbimbie said...

Hi Linda, after catching up with your posts I can't help thinking all this heartache has connected you to your inner you and your strength is showing in your poetry and sculpture flowing from your heart and head.

I loved your poem The bay. Elizabeth and the Tree Spirit capture your turmoil.

Your plans for a trip sound just what you both need*!*

Jeanette said...

Gday Linda May.Happy Easter

Happy Caravaning, I loved our caravan trips, We used to go to Darwin sometimes we went through Queensland but the last few times we went up the cente of Oz and back same way staying up to 4 months..and 1959 was a good year I married my Darling. It lasted 45years before I lost my Darling...

Marguerite said...

I'm so glad you were able to celebrate with your friends...really enjoyed the picture, too. Sounds like you had a good time!

I sincerely hope things work out with your hubby. Please know that you have many friends who care about you.

Keep celebrating life!
Hugs, Marguerite

Merle said...

Dear Linda ~ ~ Great post my friend.
Laying all the cards on the table. I do hope everything turns out well for you and Pete. May there be only happiness ahead of you.
Have a wonderful trip together and
theold spark may come to life again.
Always something to celebrate.
I am feeling much better again, and
want everyone to feel good also.
Take care, dear friend, Love, Merle.