Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Today we looked at a house. We came home and made an offer which was gazumped just a few hours later. The house itself was quite a good size but in original condition even right down to the curtains, shag pile 1970's carpets and wall paper. It did need a LOT of work doing to it. We have thought better of it and given up on that one. I have spent tonight and last night on the puter looking at houses for sale on the south side of Canberra. The market is so competitive at the moment with several lots of buyers all putting in offers for each house. So prices are beginning to go up again and the real estate agents are having fun playing prospective buyers off against each other and vying for better prices for their clients.
On Monday we went to Wagga for my husband's Uncle Kevin's funeral. When we were there we got a phone call from Brian, our landlord, saying that he is putting this house we are living in up for sale. It is beyond our price range so we have to start looking for a house to either buy or to rent elsewhere. I hate moving and it would be much nicer if we could move into a home and have the money we put into it actually go back to benefit ourselves rather than pay off someone else's mortgage. It is such a big step to take though. We have a deposit and could probably get a loan o.k. but the repayments are so expensive now days. Scary stuff eh? A modest house with the features I would like comes to nearly half a million dollars in Canberra now.
I should buy more lottery tickets.
I am a dreamer but not necessarily a risk taker. I should have done this over a year ago when we first moved here. The prices have steadily kept going up here despite the financial crisis experienced in other places. The market is very competitive. There was a minor housing price slump here but the market has recovered.
This Tuesday I started cleaning another house. She is the school principal at one of the schools I clean and is a very nice lady. Her house is close by so I thought I would give it a go. I was also asked could I clean another house for one of the teachers at another school but I let that one go because I don't want to get too tied up working every morning as well as each afternoon. I have turned down a few private jobs now, I could end up with too much work otherwise. But on the other hand it is nice to know that people are noticing I can do good work. I guess that is why I get asked.
This afternoon when I got to one of the schools to start work there was a shoe party. A pair of purple leather boots immediately caught my eye and I thought Ooh! But I ordered a nice pair of bright red leather, pointy toed flatties. I can't wear heels. I usually just buy black when it comes to shoes so red shoes is a step away from my usual boring style. The boots had heels, so I couldn't have them. The idea of the shoe party was you look at the styles, try on the sizes then choose the colour and finish and have them delivered to order. Lots of the shoes I look at in the shops are just so unsuitable for me, they are the wrong shape and uncomfortable so it was nice to find something that wasn't and I could order to suit.
Other trivia from my boring life;
I booked Rufus into the vets next Wednesday to have his nasty little doggie bits snipped. He won't be happy, it has been a long time coming, but it needs to be done to stop some male behaviors that are very annoying and unacceptable.
Males...... don't get me started on that subject.They are fascinated, from the time that they discover they have an appendage between their legs, with what they can make it do, and the fascination pretty well lasts.... for the rest of their lives. He he.
I know these things! I have spent most of my adult life cleaning up after them.
What would we do without our men. Love em', hate em', can't live without em'.
Ah well it is late and I should get some shut eye very very soon so I can jump back up and do it all again tomorrow.
Love Linda.


Shadow said...

mmmm, neutered pets are happy pets, so don't think too much about it...

and happy house-hunting. i hope you find yourself a little dream house...

Mountain Mama said...

I would hate to have to buy a house these days. THe economy is so shaky and all. I'm thankful for my litle cottage.

I had my little boy dog 'fixed' too and it made a big difference in his behavior. He isn't after my little girl dog all the time anymore but he seems more nervous.
Poor thing!

spottedwolf said...

maybe not a good thing........fer ol' Rufus.........had a dog or two that got more 'doggish' after ....but I remember a cat who was even worse....ol' Spud's brother. I sent him to prison a winter or two back.....meanest cat I ever had....lived up to his name..Beelze-bubba. He wuz the redneck devil !!!and how!!!

You keep at her and I'll send you a buncha little faeries to help find your house..

Cheffie-Mom said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading yours. enJOY your day!

Old Grizz said...

Sorry you have to move and I hope you find one to buy. Moving is hell and the next time I do it I will be on my way to hell and someone else can carry the damn piano. Give Rufus my best, I've always felt sorry for neutered male dogs. It seems cruel to me but I guess I get to personal with my dogs.

Merle said...

G'Day Dear Linda ~~Have been catching up on some of your blogs. I have had computer problems and off the air for three days. I hope you find a nice little home to buy. Big mob of roos close to your house.I think you will be in strife if Peter and/or Michael read your post. Love the wattle.
Glad you enjoyed the Anger Manage-
ment one. etc. Take good care my friend and thanks for the e mals
and jokes you send me.Love, Merle.

Annie said...

Dear Linda,

I like the philosophy of "nothing new, simply renew". Left to myself, I would probably own everything second hand. It takes some imagination and a willing partner. The imagination I have, but a very unwilling partner.

I cannot get over the kankaroos. They are HUGE. I understand the road hazzard very well. We were traveling in Pennsylvania/Ohio area a few years back and I was stunned by the number of deer I saw at the side of the road. What really shocked me though is that they just remained where they were killed. It didn't take long to figure this out because there were so many and all in various stages of - well, there is no nice word for it - decay. The area is densely forested with heavy urban encroachment. Seeing so much roadkill wasn't surprising. The lack of clean-up was.

I liked your reference to a "little patch of dirt I can play in". That is right out of Mary's mouth in The Secret Garden, a book I've read countless times.

Annie said...

And more - The first comment actually should be attached to the kangaroo post. Anyway, here's more.

Canberra sounds like the Bay Area where real estate is concerned. If we had to pay a price like a half million just for a modest house, we would not have a home. So many of the homes here have gone upsidedown in value with the economy tanking and people owing more than the house is now worth. We are fortunate to have a relatively low balance but we are still upsidedown by about $20,000. We probably could not sell our house even if we tried so we've decide to just sit tight for the time being.

I haven't been able to wear heels for years either. I sure do admire them though. I saw a sweet little pair of 5" heels today with round toes and white polkadots on bright pink. I loved them and then thought about me laying on the ground after my big fall. I decided to leave them to my daughter, the shoe collector.

That business with the doggie bits and your observation on males had me howling (pun intended).