Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Spring is a coming!

Add ImageG'Day,
Spring is coming. I took these 2 pictures in my back yard this afternoon before I left to go to work. It was beautiful outside today after an early frosty morning start. I spent most of the morning warming myself in the sun, it got to 15 degrees here today. I sat at the back table with cups of tea, and emptied the worm juice out of the bottom of my worm farm. Diluting it and putting it around the front and back garden.
The first picture is of the prunus flowers out the back, in a vase with the snowdrops from out the front. Pretty. I made that mirror on the wall years ago but ended up with one less white tile so the pattern is out of whack. A bit like me, says something doesn't it. I carved the mold for the tiles myself out of plaster. You can't see it here but they have flower buds and leaves on them. Except for the white glaze they are commercial glazes. I still have it in the shed somewhere I should do more of them.
The tree (prunus nigra) was absolutely buzzing alive with honey bees busily doing their stuff.


Shadow said...

they are lovely! my trees are budding like crazy too, and i've noticed a change in the light too. i'm all excited for springs arrival, lemme tell ya!

Winterwood said...

spring has come early over there for its cold miserable and v wet! no signs of spring yet, unless you count my indoor bulb! lol!

love those prunus! so pink and gorgeous!

Susan M DeAngelis said...

Oh my, what beautiful pictures -- tremendous color. Spring, huh?