Monday, 17 August 2009

My in Tray.

I couldn't resist posting this picture. This is my cat Boo. She loves to sit with me while I play on the computer. She sits beside me on the shelf. Every now and then she decides it is time for her to remind me that she is there and demands a pussy cat kiss and cuddle by sitting right in front of my face on the keyboard so I can not ignore the fact that she needs some attention.
The fact that she sits with me while I play on the computer may actually have something to do with the fact that there is an outlet for the gas heater coming through the wall right below where she is sitting, but I like to think that she wants my attention.
We got Boo from the vets when she was about 6 weeks old she was so tiny and the last of the litter from an abandoned cat. She just stared at us with those" too big eyes" and we were sold.
Boo and our dog Rufus came to live with us when they were both babies and they grew up together and get on great. If it came to the crunch I know Boo could beat Rufus hands down in any fight. They play rough and tumble together, though if anything happens to Rufus and he yelps the cat comes running from anywhere to see if he is alright, looking all worried and gives him sympathy and pussy cat kisses. They chase and jump over each other and wrestle, quite funny to watch. She knows just how to tell him enough and he obeys her. She puts up one paw and taps him on the nose and he stops right away. He learnt very quickly that means stop, and if you don't.....yeeow!
Boo has always been an inside cat because we lost a couple of cats previous to her on the road so we kept her indoors. She does, very nervously, sneak outside occasionally and we send Rufus out after her, telling him, "get the cat". He rounds her up and chases her back inside the door.
We have had Boo for about 2 and a half years but she was lost for 8 months until recently when we managed to get her back again.
When we moved to Canberra I took her to my son David's house in Wagga because he was going to look after her until we got out of rental accommodation and into a house of our own again. She opened the window the same night and took off never to be seen again. I put ads in the newspapers, left notes at the vets, told all my neighbours and workmates about her going missing. I even left her picture in the drawer with a letter for the new home owners of our old house in case she found her way back there, 40 km away. My old next door neighbor Tracy was a childcare worker and when one of her Mum's delivered their child to her one morning, she said to Tracy that she had just been to the vets in Wagga and they had asked her if she knew who lived at our old address. She said no, but she knew who lived next door and she would let them know about the micro chipped cat they had found. Tracy rang me and I rang the vets. The vet said they had just sent her to the pound, so in a panic I rang the council and they said they would keep her for me. Phew!
My son David went to pick her up and I went to the real estate agents to beg them could I please, please, have her in the rented house we are in and they said yes. I got her back that night. She was very skinny and her fur was a bit matted and needed some attention but otherwise she was o.k. It was so weird, she walked in, sniffed the furniture and greeted Rufus then she climbed up on my lap and sat there purring loudly for the rest of the night. She was home! New house, new town but she was home. God knows how she had survived through the past 8 months when she was out on her own.
Boo is amazing. She is also very quirky. She has a special routine which she follows every day. At certain times of the day she sits in the bedroom window, then moves on to the potato box in the kitchen, you are not allowed to pat her in either place or she will bite you. Then it is on to my bed where she sleeps for a few hours, then under the spare bed in the back room for a while then the blue floor rug in the family room, which she loves to run to and turn suddenly, so that it twists up, she doesn't like it to be tidy. You are not allowed to pat her while she is on that either or she will bite you.
Other things that she does which are quirky are, she has a fetish for those stainless steel scourers that you clean pots and pans with. If I leave one of them on the sink overnight when I get up in the morning it is in some strange place on the floor chewed up and attacked.
She also attacks straw handbags and eats their handles off. I used to have a handbag that was straw and had to resort to hiding it in the wardrobe, but she found it and chewed off the handles anyway.
When I clean the bathroom she loves the smell of bleach and sits nearby purring loudly the whole time I am cleaning.
She is also very good at opening doors and windows but they have to be sliding type ones. She wiggles and pulls at them until she can get a paw around them and then just slides them open. Which is really annoying if you are sitting on the toilet or if you are trying to keep a room warmed up.
And, if you are on the toilet that is when she demands a cuddle. She has you trapped and knows you are not going to get up and run away I suppose. He he.
Other weird things she does are she waits for you to get out of the shower and she looks at you until you open the shower door then she goes in and licks the warm water off the glass. I really hate when I get out of the shower and she rubs up against your legs when they are still wet, it feels creepy.
Every morning as soon as you let her, she rushes into my bedroom and jumps up on the bed for her cuddle. She won't take no for an answer and will pat your face until you put your hand out from under the covers and comply. Then she will give you a pussy cat kiss on the nose then snuggle down and sleep at the back of your knees or near your feet. That is unless she feels like playing. Then she wants you to wiggle your fingers under the covers so she can play attack cat. Crunch! You wouldn't believe how fast she is. But she chooses to never hurt you and only to attack when your hand is well protected under the covers.
She is also a scaredy cat and if anybody comes into the house she doesn't know, she goes into hiding until they leave. She is also scrupulously clean with herself.
How she gother name is funny too. My daughter wanted to call her some totally unpronouncable mythologiacl name that she had chosen for her as she was into that type of stuff ath e time band I said no so she yelled at me and said "What do you want me to call her then Mum? Boo Boo kitty fuck" and I yelled back" Yes! Yes! anything but that other stupid name you chose!" So we all laughed and she became Boo! The other bit got dropped. It is actually a line out of some movie that my daughter had watched. Nice little teenager she was.
Ah well it is bedtime. Gotta work tomorrow morning.
Love Linda.


spottedwolf said...

played you a song sweetie pie.......howz the house hunt going?? Any 'game' yet??

Shadow said...

boo is a character! i love kitties, but sadly, so does my pointer. but not in a nice way....

A wildlife gardener said...

Quite a character of a kitty cat you've got there, Linda. I think I'd like Boo very much...she can give me kitty kisses any day :)

Bimbimbie said...

Hi Linda, how goes the house hunting, have to make sure Boo doesn't go walkabout like last time*!*

Anonymous said...

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