Saturday, 15 August 2009

Grumble, bitch, whinge, groan, moan.

I have just spent the whole day looking at houses. The trouble is the ones we can afford are not the ones I would like to buy. Like I said in the title to this post. Mumble, bitch, whinge, groan, moan!!!!! Ah well I will just have to get on with it won't I, and do what I can.
The lovely house we have been living in since moving here to Canberra is up for sale and we can not afford to buy it. The price is $550,000, too much for us.
I love this house. Yes, there have been times when I have thought it was a bit of a waste having so much space to play in, but when I look around at what is available on the market and the prices. Oh Dear, I want this one. Maybe I am spoilt from having this one.
I looked at 8 houses today, running all around the south side of Canberra in the process. The prices of the ones I looked at would be about twice what you would pay for the same thing in Wagga, but still less than you would be paying trying to get into the market in Sydney.
I am also not looking forwards to the process of moving and packing again. Grumble, bitch, whinge, groan, moan. I have no complaint against this house's owner, he is a nice man and of course he has to look after his own interests, but, but, but..... this is such a pain in the arse.
Three of the 8 houses I looked at today were alright for our budget. I liked them but they are so much smaller than this one.
A couple of the real estate agents though, they have me shaking my head. Most of them have been helpful and nice but a couple of them have not been and are too pushy and I feel I shouldn't trust them. I guess they are just doing their job but I reckon they play customers off against each other to push up the price and therefore their commission.
So to salve my grumpy mood I came home and made a batch of bikkies with peanut butter and chocolate chips and I am now eating them. Silly silly me, talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. I really don't want to put that weight I lost back on again. I also bought a bottle of Moscato for tonight. I may as well go the whole hog if I am going to do it.
I have planned a nice dinner for Pete and I tonight, I am cooking a small chook and making baked cauliflower in cheese sauce and baked veges. Michael is in Wagga for the weekend at a birthday party so it will be just we two at home. If Pete wasn't working it would have been nice to go out somewhere, but there you go, that is not going to happen, he will just come home and eat, then crash, asleep, on the lounge for an hour before going to bed. Ohhhh! Whinge, bitch grumble, groan, moan.
I have started making a couple of quilted doily type things for the coffee tables in my family room from a nice Japanese printed fabric I got at the craft and quilt show last weekend. Red of course, what other colour do you think I would choose. I love clear primary colours best, not murky mixed ones. So far I have cut them out and have done about half the stitching around the print to quilt it. Maybe I should do that instead of sitting here typing and whinging.
Oh Linda! stop being such a pain! I can't help it, I know I am a pain.
I might prepare the dinner and go to bed for a while, maybe I will feel better when I have had a sleep.


Anonymous said...

Househunting sounds like a miserable process, Linda. I hope you are able to find a small cozy one with special features that you really like. Hang in there, it will come! I made chocolate cookies this evening too, as a little bit of self-indulgence. Just what I don't need, but I surely enjoyed them! :-)

Annie said...

Househunting is such a pain. Can you find a comparable house to rent and then take more time with actual househunting for buying? Or, put everything in storage and get an apartment whilst looking? Just a thought. It was something I considered at one time and we actually ended up in a trailer for a while. That was not fun but the kids LOVED it. It was like camping out for them, 24/7.

Shadow said...

oh, house hunting is a b*^ch, but once you find the one you love, the other things will become fun, the moving in, arranging, all of it. it usually happens that way for me, so i hope it does for you too!!!