Friday, 6 November 2009

Friday fertilizer.

G'Day ,
I am back to put in my two bobs worth at the Friday Fertilizer prompt that is run by 'Tootsie time". You can find her on my side bar. I am even posting on Friday. Howzat.
Oh looky looky what I got. I didn't plant these or prune them but I have watered them and fed them, does that count? They are wonderful aren't they? And as my friend Merle said the garden is mine while I am living here. Thanks Merle. I had been missing having my garden in Junee for so long. Merle, you helped me by saying that.
I can do this and cut them to admire and scent the inside of my house again. LOVE it. And I love this old antique ceramic vase, I think by the style of it, it is from the 1940's.
See, not all my vases are pottery. I did make some more this week at the pottery society Thursday drop in session though. Hehe, just in case I should ever run out.
Hey, side story, I am so dumb. Yesterday when I was there I weighed the candle thingy I made and went to pay for it. The price for firing and glazing the piece came to $37+ dollars. Cleaned out my wallet. I nearly died and was thinking I really will have to cut back on making bigger things. Anyway on the way home I realised that I had weighed the candle thingy on a pounds scale not a kilograms scale and had paid for the Kg weight. That made it over 2.2 times the price I should have paid. Bright eh!

I know the pics are not the brightest but it is cooler and threatening rain this morning. This rose is by the front steps. It is great, and has been open and holding its shape and colour for about 4 days now. Don't know the proper name.
This is a hybrid tea rose I think and if you could see it you might comment , like I did, wow, could this be any redder! Love red.
Bush rose out the front side fence.
One word. Delicate.
My Mum used to have this rose out the front of her house years ago. The color always reminded me of old fashioned lipstick so I used to call it the lipstick rose.
when I cleaned one of the house I do on Wednesday I couldn't resist cutting one of her roses and putting it inside her house. I wrote a little verse beside it for her.

A touch of
spring's perfection
A long stemmed
Red red rose.

Corny aren't I. I hope she didn't mind me cutting her rose.
Then I thought I might pick one of the beautiful red edged, white, double delight roses and leave another one, they have one of the best perfumes of any rose as well.

Red rose for love
Purity is white
A mix of the two is
A double delight.

I better go do some house work instead of playing in here. My sister and Mum are coming here today as a surprise for my birthday. Early because it is not for a few weeks yet but they were coming in this direction god 50. I found out about the surprise last night by over hearing a phone call I wasn't supposed to. Oops.


Shadow said...

a rose is a thing a beauty. always. and enjoy the 'surprise', heee heeee heeeee

Anonymous said...

Love that Just Joey!

Gel said...

I LOVE roses- to see them, photograph them, paint them, admire them- I don't garden so this is a treat! Gorgeous!

Tootsie said...

Your Roses are just stunning!!! I am so glad you shared with us this week. I am not the greatest rose gardener...I wish they were more successful in my area.

Bimbimbie said...

Hi Linda ... just flew by to let you know I'm taking a break from posting and have put my blog into bed for a while. All's well just busy behind the camera and off the computer :)

Annie said...

Hi Linda.

What a delightful read and I enjoy my late afternoon.

I hope you can get some of your money back on the misweighed vase. That's a lot of money these days. I'll have to look through past post for some of you vases. Do you have any posted here?

The roses are so pretty and you are absolutely right. The lipstick rose is very reminiscent of that soft orangy color that used to be so popular back in the 50's.

Corny is good. Loved the little verse and I'm sure it gave your mom a smile.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful beautiful roses..."the mix of the two is indeed a double delight". Thank You for sharing and have a great Birthday.

Merle said...

Dear Linda ~~ Your roses are so beautiful. They were a lovely surprise when you moved to that house. I love Double Delight and have
2 of them, but not many others.
Thanks for showing them to us.
Take care, Love, Merle.

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