Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sunday scribblings "Interview" Watching you watching me.

Interviews. I hate them. I hate being interviewed for employment. Hate it. There is nothing worse than being put in front of a panel of people whose job it is to judge you. I am not that strong that I can take that as a challenge, I find it completely intimidating. I know others love it though.
Last time I went for a job interview I was interviewed by two women who actually made me feel quasi comfortable. That is until I said that I had the occasional back ache. The faces went blank to me and they glanced at each other and I knew that was the end. Ah well, I knew I could have done the job, enjoyed it and done well at it. Their loss. That was about 14 months ago and I have not tried again since. I had a job, I still have a job and I am doing o.k. I know the quality of my work is very good and am told so . Ah this is making me sound so lame isn't it. Let me try another tack.
Interview. Um.
I do an interview each time I meet a new person. I have been doing a bit of this of late, meeting my new neighbors. (They seem like nice friendly normal people.) It is not just a verbal interview but a visual assessment as well. We all do it. We all check each other over to form some idea what sort of person we are dealing with. We look at physical features and facial expression then we search our memory for similarities with other characters we have known to help us make that assessment. We do this, consciously or not. Watching you watching me scenario. Some of us thrive on doing this others cringe from it.
I have learned however that my first ideas of a person is not always correct. The people who come across on first meeting as vibrant and exciting and whom I like instantly are often not the people I like later and visa verse. I like to try to reserve my judgment for later. Maybe that is my natural reticence when meeting new people and the self protective instinct kicking in.
Facial expressions are so important. I like to think I can read faces, especially when I get to know some one a little better.
Maybe that is a case of just being more tuned in to their wave length.
Maybe I am wrong and just a bloody idiot and my assessment of other people is warped beyond repair.
I shouldn't be writing tonight.
But I am gonna post it anyway.
Another piece of blog drivel on the WWW.
Written by some silly old woman who hates interviews.
Love Linda.


gs batty said...

you have written one we can all elate to. I like your philosophy of with holding judgment.all to often i have been fooled by a good first impression only to find out they were not what they seemed to be. PS..I like silly old women who hate interviews and write blogs

Gel said...

Hi Linda,
I definitely do not think you're silly! I think this is an observant post. It is difficult to be scrutinized when applying for a job and I find it uncomfortable, too, even if the interviewer and I seem to hit it off. (I keep my guard up, because I remember reading "don't be too casual with the interviewer.)

I think you're observations about the human condition when meeting folks is right on target!

Mountain Mama said...

I think most of us don't like being put through the mill, so to speak, and that's what an interview does.

When I meet new people I tend to look into their eyes. If they look back I'm ok with them. If they look away I feel they have something to hide.
I also look at hands. Some are kind others are brutal.
This is just a great grandma's way of seeing things.

Anonymous said...

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