Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday scribblings "Oracle"

Sunday again. Another week rushes by too quickly. I had a visit from my sister who lives in central Queensland. She bought my Mum back but she has decided that she wants to live up there in Queensland with my sister so she will be returning there soon.
It is my Uncle and Aunt's 60th wedding anniversary in a few weeks and she will be here until after that. Unfortunately I can't go to it as it is also my daughter's 21st birthday on the same night. My little miss Braticus informs me she is going to get me drunk on her birthday. Hahaha. Not happening. Last time I did that was at a christmas party 3 years ago and I never lived that down. The time before that was about 20 years earlier. Alcohol is no oracle.


I searched for an oracle
For a moment of clarity
What I found was a man
Who told me the oracle
Is inside me
It always was there
You just need to find it
To use it.

This morning is a bright sunny morning and I have been outside dead heading roses and pottering around the garden. I have missed doing that so much, but now in this house I can do it all again. I emptied the worm juice from my worm farm, watered it down and spread it amongst the roses in the front yard and watered some of the potted plants with it as well. Later today it will be hot again. There has been some unseasonably hot weather in Australia for the last week or so. Ah yes global warming , don't you love it? Not!
I try to do my bit in my own small way.
Think local, act global.
That phrase is one from an advertising campaign that was around a few years ago. I always liked it.
My own little bit of gardening oracle advice.
Feed the earth with that which comes from it. Organically.
Use less water, keep it clean and preserve what you have.
Choose plants with their particular water needs in mind.
Do not try to plant things just so you can prove that you can succeed with them even though you know they are not suitable to your area. Yes I know my last post on the Botanic gardens here in Canberra I contradicted that. He he. But for home gardens I reckon it applies, leave the other stuff to the experts, and enjoy public gardens for what they provide us.
Love the earth and look after it in your own special way.
She is your mother.
Love Linda.


Anonymous said...

Very well said...It's inside you.

Beth said...

I liked the short poem and the garden musings very much. Both fit our times so well. I read recently the Artic seas are warming, ice floes are melting, and no one knows the consequences for all the sea life. We do need an oracle. We do need to be mindful.

Dee Martin said...

Well said and I enjoyed the poem!

gs batty said...

you are the Oracle of Australia.
Nice writing

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

i agree with songofsea, it is inside you. very well done!

keiths ramblings said...

Enjoyable read and a particularly nice poem. I'm glad I dropped by!

Jennifer Hicks said...

so true. it's within. thanks for pointing that out. sometimes the obvious is clouded by mystery!

Shadow said...

your oracle poem is outstanding! now if only more of us took care to remember that...

you've got good gardening sense. my sister-in-law is one of those who plants all these fancy things from exotic locations and struggles with protecting them from the sun, watering them excessively, shielding them from the winters frost... i mean really. i go for indigenous, and if you'd like to grow in my garden i'll take care of you, but don't be a prima donna! and i think my garden looks pretty darn good anyway!

one more believer said...

beautiful linda..the garden is a great teacher...i have been of late considering to start all over again in the is as if a blank canvas to start painting again...

oldegg said...

Your Oracle poem was exactly right. How many thousands of years have we been wanted someone else to solve our problems. Trust no one but yourself. Great work.

Tumblewords: said...

Timely and lovely!

Mountain Mama said...

Good garden advice!! I try to do it that way too.
You asked about pumpkins so here goes.
They grow easily here and are used for pie, breads, and a variety of other dishes. I don't know why they wouldn't grow there. Maybe you should try.
They have been used for jack-o-lanterns for many years because the seedy insides can be scraped out, a scary face carved, and a candle set inside to glow in the dark.However Pumpkins are not good for cooking after being used for this purpose.
They do make good compost though.

spottedwolf said...

Hi Lin......thanks sweetheart. Say h'lo to Pete fer me.....

Merle said...

Dear Linda ~~ I thought I commented here before, nice to spend time with your mother and sister. I liked your Oracle.
Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow
my friend,and be very surprised at the party. I hop your day is special just like you are.
Peter and I are enjoying the time together as we both live alone, it's a chance to bounce ideas off each other. I am so sorry your pelagoniums didn't survive, maybe try geraniums as they are hardier and they have some nice ones now.
Take care, Love, Merle.