Sunday, 22 November 2009

Happy Birthday to us.

Here are a couple of photos I took during the week that was.
The first is my mum, blowing out the candles on her birthday cake. She turned 88 on the 16th of November. Happy Birthday Nan.
The picture above is of the flowers she bought me for my birthday yesterday. I am including them as my entry into the Friday Fertilizer prompt for this week. You should smell the perfume of those Asiatic lilies. Mmmm Mm.
I also got some more of one of my favorite perfumes and a little mp3 player which I am using right now. I just have to learn how to do the other stuff that ti tells me it is capable to do. I wanted one to take to work with me. Now I just have to find out how to delete all the stuff on it that I don't like from Pete's collection. Technophobe!
So Happy Birthday to me. I am now 50, over the hill. There was a thing on the news during the week saying that 50 is the new 40 for women. Must have been written by a baby boomer,the era of which I came into being, towards the end. Hehehe.
Yeah well.
It is just another number.
I get better in some ways as I age than when I was younger.
It is just another step on the journey isn't it.
The journey of being me.

That is all. Time got away from me again and it is already Sunday. So I am going to go across to Sunday Scribblings to see what is happening over there and add my 2 bobs worth for that.
Love Linda.
Living, loving, learning
along the way.


Shadow said...

happy belated birthday to you and your mom!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Birthday Wishes Linda...many more happy returns.

Dee Martin said...

Happy Birthday - sorry I haven't been very god about visiting. I am nearly done with nanowrimo and will get back to a little more normal life soon!