Friday, 18 December 2009

Catching Up

I finally worked out how to get back on here and the old puter is actually letting me get back on line tonight so I can catch up with putting on some of the pictures I have been talking about and show them all off.
First up I wanted to show off some of the summer flowers I have been enjoying around my yard.
The top picture of the apricot coloured rose is one I have bben keeping in a large pot for several years now, it is called a patio rose and has been flowering prolifically for weeks with more buds coming out all the time. The next one is of course a pink dianthus, they are good value plants but this one has finished it's flowering this season already. I think it's name is Doris.
There are 4 or 5 of these white, red and pink oleander plants around this yard. These are good tough plants to grow, and will take the frost or the extreme heat that we get here in the summer and still flower happily. It was so hot here for the past 2 days with temps above the old 100 Fahrenheit mark. Ouch, too hot to work in...but I did, I wanna get paid. Really bad bushfire weather with the heat followed by blast furnace hot high winds. There are several bushfires happening around N.S.W. including one just across the border, south of Canberra, where there were 3 houses lost at Michelago. Not a good christmas present. 6 houses were lost in a fire burning near Albury. Luckily no lives lost in the fires. Not so lucky..... the christmas season road toll. The mad... or the silly season on the roads. UGH!

The next picture is of one of my day lilies. I have a couple of other colors but they have not flowered as yet. What a pretty girl she is.
Next picture is of my cane begonia. I thought I had lost this plant a year ago but she has fought back with some TLC and is showing me how tough she is giving me some nice new shoots.
I would be very upset if I did lose this plant as she has special sentimental value. It came from a plant originally belonging to my maternal grand mother who died when I was 5 years old and I have kept it going ever since I was first married, 29 years ago. Special.
Speaking of family heirlooms. Last weekend I went to Griffith for my Aunty Joan's 80th birthday party. We stayed at my Uncle Bill's house and he gave me a piece of begonia, different from this one, that actually came from a plant originally belonging to my great grand mother Collis who died long before I was born. I must look after that one eh!

The picture above is of 4 generations of the Hearn family with my Aunty Joan, the matriarch, in the middle covered with kids. The bloke with his arms crossed and very little hair is my terrible twin, Joe. I have told stories about him in my blog before. We were given a birthday cake together at my Aunty's party for our 50th, the first one we have shared together since we were 16. This family just keeps growing and there were kids scooting everywhere, I love it.
This is a picture of my cousins daughter, M'Liss, I can't believe she is 38 yrs old. She is lovely and when she was a baby I adored her, she was my own real life baby doll to play with. I got to spend lots of time with her then. My Aunty Peg is in the back ground, Uncle Bill's wife.
My mob. At Annie's 21st birthday party. Can you tell my boys don't like getting their photo taken? My baby does not look like she is 21, nah! she can't be can she?
O.K caught up.
Love Linda.


Darla said...

Beautiful blooms and equally beautiful family. So about the fires.

Annie said...

Your flowers are so pretty. You must give them PLENTY of water to combat that heat. I can almost smell the spicy fragrance coming from that mini-geranium.

Happy birthday to your daughter. Where does time fly. Ours just turned 25.

Tootsie said...

your blooms are absolutey gorgeous...and so is your family! thanks for linking in today!

Anonymous said...
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Shadow said...

4 generations, wow. your garden is filled with colourful wonders, you sure have green fingers.

gs batty said...

nice post..loved your flowers. I've never tried to take care of flowers. you do a great job

Annie said...

Hmmmmm, I was just looking again. That's not a geranium. Where was my mind? That is a mini-carnation - at least that's what we call them here. They have a wonderful spicy/sweet fragrance.

Lilibeth said...

My favorite is the peach-colored rose. I adore that color, but find it hard to match in paint.