Monday, 7 December 2009

Test of trust.

Over the last week I have had some stuff, good and bad.
Firstly, sadly, my blue tongue Lizard, Lizzy was run over by my son and is dead. Poor lizzy, I was quite upset. I came home from work on friday evening to find him/her squished in the driveway of our house. My son had been parked there during the day and had left without seeing Lizzy and the poor thing had no chance. I thought Lizzy was pretty special because it was just about the biggest one I had seen and that meant it had lived here in suburbia for quite a long time and that is a special feat in itself. Secondly that it had the freedom and supposedly the knowledge, or would that more rightly be the luck, to have lived and roamed amongst humans and their introduced dogs and cats who would have been a threat to it. Lizzy was a member of the skink family and the largest member of that species. It was completely harmless and a bonus to have in the garden because it ate slugs and snails. Lizzy must have survived by doing the rounds of ours and some neighbours yards because it had dissapeared until recently and one of the neigbours said it used to live in her yard. Where it was killed in our driveway it would have been coming from her side of the yard across and back to us.
On the good side, or scary which ever you choose to interpret it as:
I have had a life long fear of motor bikes.Pete my hubby has had several of them and loves them, he has always taken it as a challenge to try to convert me. I don't know why I have always been scared of them because I was scared of them long before I ever knew any of the people that I know who were killed or hurt off them but.....Yesterday I gave in. Pete took me on the back of the bike for a short ride. My very first ever. At the age of 50 no less. Hehe.We probably went for about 5 km, just around the block and back again. It wasn't that bad . I held on tightly to the bar thingy on the back and was feeling pretty shaky and insecure, I guess that is the nature of the machine. I didn't think it would make any difference holding on to Pete because if he fell so would I , irrational but, if the bike fell over, it would have made no difference how I was holding on would it. I took some skin off my nose trying to put the helmet on over my glasses, hehe, but I did it. I got on the bike. I beat it, well, not really, I am still scared of bikes but I had my first ride. BTW, did you know how bloody awkward those things are to try to cock your leg up over when you are 50 years old. Hehe.
The third thing: I managed to turn on the burglar alarms at the schools where I clean all by myself without setting them off and scaring the hell out of myself. Small achievement, but an achievement just the same. I always make Michael do it for me, but he wasn't there, so I had to do it myself. I just hope when I go back there this afternoon they don't tell me it wasn't on properly and I did it wrong.
Small fish are sweet.
On Saturday I took Mum and Pete and Rufus, our doggie, across to watch/ hear a Christmas carol thingy . It was only a blocks walk away and held on a vacant block of land across from a local church. I really love Christmas carols, but the best part is seeing everybody else enjoying them, especially the children of all ages having fun and socializing with each other. I love to watch their energy and excitement. Great stuff. Rufus was naughty , as he usually is. He was a bit nervous of all the people and snapped at a little boy who came over and wanted to pat him, and of course there were a few other doggies there who he was most interested in but couldn't get at because they were all on the lead ,as was Rufus. T'was nice though. I enjoyed it.
I have not taken part in the Friday Fertilizer prompt for the last few weeks because even though I took pictures of flowers around my yard this Friday, my puter is playing up, I could load them on to it but am blogging on my hubby's laptop and I don't know how to get the pics from one puter to another. But I have not given up, I still want to participate. When I can do it myself or con someone to do it for me I will be back!
Bye agin"
Love Linda.


Tootsie said...

I am having a run at life this last while too...hang in there...I am glad you at least had some good come your way...lets just go at it this week with the thought that it will be a better week all around!
sorry about the lizard..that is sad...and don't worry about FF...I'm not going anywhere!

Shadow said...

aaaw, poor lizzie... and you made it onto a bike did you. coooool!

gs batty said...

sorry to hear about your Lizard. It is easy to create and attachment any animal. I once had a tortoise that was killed and couldn't believe how bad I felt.
Congrats on the bike ride. They can be a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Linda good for you getting onto that bike! I dont knwo that I could be mobile enough to do that without a leg up!!

yes we are having lots of carol thingies round our way too... love them and the way it gives us all that lovely community feeling! most needed at this time of the year too!

Krissie @ Winterwood

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If it is any consolation, I live in Bonython and my Bluey is with babies!