Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sunday Scribblings "Weird"

The Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is "Weird".
Yes I am! To other people I am. People like to categorize each other don't they.
One thing I have learned since starting my blog and reading other 's writing from all around the world, is that where ever we come from , what ever our upbringing there are similarities that we have with one another that make us the same. Human, people from all around the world. I reckon that is really cool. We are all different but we are all the same.
We should recognize that, subject to different tastes in fashion, food, behavior, income or what ever else we have learned in our own personal upbringing, we are all the same. Calling someone weird is our strange way of saying "you are different from me, and I want to be recognized as an individual", or "I think I am better than you".
I remember once when I was on holiday with my sister and our children. We were in Sydney and had taken a ferry ride across to Manly. The kids were playing in the water beside the wharf in their clothes because we hadn't been prepared for them to swim. I was itching to play in the water with them, but being a bigger girl and not wanting to be seen in swim wear as well as not having any with me anyway it was really killing me not being able join in the fun. My sister encouraged me to just do it anyway, and so I got in the water in my clothes and had a lovely time playing with the kids. When we went back inside the wharf to catch the ferry back to the quay my clothes were still wet and I must have looked a terrible sight. There were two young women sitting at a table at one of the cafes inside. Both well coiffed, in fashion and enjoying flaunting their status. They stared at me and whispered behind their hands to each other with horrified looks on their faces, turning and watching my every step. I was so so tempted to walk up to their table and shake my hair across them. If I was more game, it would have been a great joke and delicious payback to their bitchiness. But I did not do it. Yes to them I was weird and horrible, a real live bogan to marvel at. I cringed under their criticism and they enjoyed it. Bugger em! They did not know me. They did not know the person I am or my philosophy, but in their nastiness they showed me what they were about didn't they.
My point exactly.
Yes I am weird, in other peoples eyes. I am not pretty enough, or smart enough or fashionable enough or rich enough, but I know that everyone all around the world has felt like that at some time and that I should not let that get to me. My Mum used to say when I was growing up , you are as good as any and better than most. Yes I am! Subjective to your vision. Hehe.
Love Linda.


jaerose said...

ooh wish you had the nerve to splash them in sea water! It's good to reach the stage when you know being weird is ok isn't it! (and it's not really 'weird' anyway, just different). Jae

gs batty said...

Ahh Linda, you may be weird but you are the salt of the earth to me. I agree, "bugger" all the high "falutin" snobby people. It is the real people that shall inherit the earth.

Giggles said...

Your beauty bounces off the page! The true an natural beauty the shines through pounds and wrinkles surpassing nastiness and ire of the shallow people!! And that's not weird!! Great truth here, well done!!

Big hugs,

WrightStuff said...

I wanted to jump in that water and splash around with you. We all know who had the most fun that day!

Sorrow said...

Ahh i happen to really like my weird label.
I wear it with a certain high flaunting pride!
but then maybe all potters are a bit cracked?

b said...

So, so true...we are the same in so many ways. I loved this post.


Tumblewords: said...

Strange how we seem to always search out the difference and ignore the sameness. I enjoyed reading this post and glad that you chose to play in water even though you weren't dressed for it. Yay for you!

oldegg said...

Being an interesting individual that you are makes well worth knowing. Weird? Well I am sure all of us have our own interesting stories to tell. The important thing is to keep telling us about yours.

Good on ya!

Lucy said...

Wish you would have splashed them!
That reminded me of that Christina Aguilera song.. that says...'maybe they're not comfortable in their own skin, women out there who talk and stare, who never seem to let down their hair.."
u know the one? I love that and it's so true!
great post

Americanising Desi said...

:) you sure are weird Linda :D