Tuesday, 28 October 2008

OMG! Guess What.

I can't believe it! Today has been one of my best days ever.
Seven and a half months ago I moved to Canberra from Junee. Pete and I came over here before hand and found this house we are now living in and snapped it up before anyone else did but there were conditions. We had to do a bit of talking to bring our little dog over here with us because the house was leased to us with a clause of "No Pets". I wasn't game to ask about my dear Kitty "Boo" so I asked my son David who lives in Wagga to look after her for us. He took her reluctantly but that same night she broke through the screen gauze on his bedroom window and escaped, never to be seen again. I searched, put advertisements in the newspaper and on the radio to no avail, left pictures of her and a letter for the person who was buying our house ands spoke to all the neighbours in case she found her way back home to Junee. We never heard a thing.
This morning I got a phone call from my old next door neighbour, Tracy, and she said that one of her day care Mums had come to her house to drop off her child to be looked after when she went to work. The lady said she had been over to the vets in Wagga with her dog yesterday and been asked if she knew the people living at our old address and she said that she didn't but she knew the people next door. They said they had a cat there who they had had for a while and couldn't contact the owners. So Tracy rang me to tell me about it.
I rang Kooringal vets and they said that yesterday afternoon they had surrendered the cat to the pound to be destroyed as they couldn't find the owner. I rang the pound and they still had her there and when I told them my story they said that they would keep her for me. Then I just had to talk to the real estate agents to contact the owner of our rented house to see if we could keep her.
I went over to the estate agency and asked to talk to the property manager. When he came out he remembered me from the house inspection when he came here less than 2 weeks ago. I have never had a problem with those and when they did the inspection they actually complimented me and thanked me for being a good tenant and keeping everything nice. Anyway, I went over there and told my story, he spoke to the owner and he said we could have the cat subject to a clause being added to our rental agreement about any damage being caused etc. So I can have my cat back!
I was so excited, I had tears in my eyes and was struggling not to spill them when the real estate bloke said yes.
I can't imagine how she has changed over the last 7 and a half months that she has been lost. Or where she has been and how she survived her ordeal. I bet she isn't a fussy eater anymore. She was always a timid kitty and we tried to keep her indoors mostly because we were scared of losing her on the road like we did our last 2 cats in Junee. She will be around two and half years old by now. I wonder if she will remember us, I hope though that when she smells familiar things like the furniture and us and household things that she might. I will have to keep her securely locked up for quite a while until she settles in with us. She knows how to open sliding doors and we have several of them here.Plus she is not getting outside to hunt the birdy visitors we have.
One problem, not insurmountable though, is we have to pay to get her back, but we don't get paid until Thursday. David is on holidays and over here in Canberra at the moment so he will pick her up on Wednesday, tomorrow. I hate having to borrow money from Mum, even though she has offered, but there is already a bit on our credit card and I am loath to put any more on top of that. We have been short on disposable income since moving here.
But I can have my cat back!
After seven and a half months!
I can't believe it!
I can't wait to hold her and rub my hand down her fur and have her purr on my chest of a morning when we let her in the room. Well after she settles back in anyway. I have missed that so much, and always said a home isn't home without a cat. I even bought a fluffy cushion to sit and pat of a night in front of the T.V. that feels like cat fur. He he.
Oh yeah, and the other good thing that happened today was, I went back to have the stitch taken out of my forehead after having a biopsy taken at the dermatologist last week and the results were negative for sun cancer , it was a pre- cancerous keratosis. So I don't have to get more chopped out of my eyebrow.And! there was no charge for removing the stitch.
So all round it was an excellent day. Now my poor puddy cat just has to readjust to being back in our family again. I will write more after we get her back.
Good Night.
Love Linda.


Sorrow said...

that is so wonderful!
I am so thrilled for you!
How exciting to have a much loved pet not only found, but able to come and live with you!
Oh do post photo's once you get her home!!!

Shadow said...

i'm grinning for ear to ear reading this. i'm so happy you've got your kitty back!!!!!!

Winterwood said...

Linda that is amazing - thrilled for you to have kitty back!!

Martha said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I almost cried as I was reading. I am so happy for you. And good news from your doctor, too!

About the buckeyes ... way better than peanut butter cups when they are made right as they are more moist and chewy and ... gonna have to get some more.