Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Windy Morning.

I was just sitting outside having my breakfast and thinking how lovely it was when I thought I could write about this.
Here Tis'.
This morning it is windy, and sunny.
It is whistling around the corners of the house like an asthmatic child breathlessly blowing on a whistle, stopping for a breath, trying again, but not giving up. It is rattling the fence and awnings adding to the cacophony.
The sort of wind you get that has a slight chill, but the sun still shines through it and warms your back, making you smile at the pleasure of it all. Ruffling your hair and parting it in different directions and refreshing it with air.
The wisteria that has been flowering so beautifully for the last few weeks is now drying out and the wind is shaking petals off the plants in showers of pretty mauve confetti, which is falling gracefully, being picked up by the wind, blowing it along, until it meets an obstacle then swirling it in tiny eddies before taking off to collect in drifts against the edge of the lawn.
The sky is a full bright blue and there are tiny fluffy cotton wool clouds scuttling quickly across my view changing shape, prompting my imagination to make pictures with them before they change again.
The big eucalypts in Macarthur park at the side of my house are whipping about. I am wondering if the branches might be over extended and snap at any moment and if the birds that nest in them at this time of year will lose their babies that they have put so much energy into rearing.
I hope that the fluffy clouds will start to bank up and bring with them some more rain to fill our dams and water our yards for free. This time of year with the warm spring weather and wind we sometimes have thunder storms in the afternoon and evening, here's hoping.
I went to the dermatologists appointment that I had been waiting to come up for the last few months.
She froze about 20spots, mostly on my arms and hands, with her little bottle of liquid nitrogen. Also took a biopsy of one spot on my left eye brow. It could be a continuation of a spot I had removed about 4 years ago. It had cells of both Basal cell and Squamous cell carcinoma in it the last time I had it removed. If they have to take more of it away my eyebrow is going to look pretty funny. I don't have thick eyebrows, just wide, and last time it was cut into it took ages to thicken up and look normal again. Squamous cell carcinomas can get nasty if they are not seen to and spread to other parts of your body. Basal cell ones can too but they are not as nasty as the other ones unless you let them get big. My eyebrow is a bit sore but not to bad. I have to get the stitch taken out and the results next week.
After I was at the Dr yesterday, we went into civic and had lunch before going to work. My son's best friend had twins with his partner last week. They were born on Friday morning so I wanted to find a present for them. I found a Peter rabbit and a Jemima puddle duck soft toy for each of them. It was hard to find something that matched. I was actually looking for a pink and a blue Teddy bear but couldn't find a pair of them that matched so I settled on the Beatrix Potter characters instead. They are very cute. I hope they like them.
Michael is quite happy with himself because he is to be Godfather to them when they are christened. He and John have been friends since they went to early high school together in Junee. John's mum calls herself my son's "other mother". :)
My first memory of John was as a 12 yr old who bought his ferret to our house for the weekend. The boys went up to Rocky hill to see if they could get some rabbits. The ferret took off after a rabbit down a burrow and got lost, or interested, anyway it didn't come back out again. The boys came home upset and went back the next morning to search again. Bart, the little Jack Russell dog we had at the time, went with them and went down a hole and came back with the ferret. John did lots of talking and coaxing to try to convince me that weekend that ferrets were lovely critters and not the stinky nippy things I still believe they are. John is tall and I think I remember that when I first met him he was taller than me then. I don't think I even come up to his shoulder nowadays. So his son will be tall and strong like him.:) I fell privileged to watch my children and their long time friends progress through life :).
O.k. I am going back out to the sunshine.
Love Linda.


Sorrow said...

Now a sunny windy morning sounds like just the thing.
Can't do a raku fire though, so Maybe I will hold off for a day or two!

Winterwood said...

I love the sunshine Linda but not the humidity! enjoy your day!

Shadow said...

your morning sounds delightful!!

Martha said...

What a poetic and lyrical beginning to your post. It was lovely to read and I could imagine every thing. I enjoyed the story about your son and his friend, too.

Bimbimbie said...

Hi Linda, you painted your windy spring morning lovely, hope you got some rain. We've had passing thunderstorms, only a little bit of rain in it for us but it's been quite a bit cooler which was nice. Oh and congratulations, you can through your L plates out now that you are posting your photos all by yourself lol *!*

Mountain Mama said...

It sounds like you had a beautiful day on the morning you wrote this post. We are having some very cool days now as fall is quickly progressing into winter. So sad!! I love SPRING!
I'm sorry to hear about the skin problem. I have psoriasis and recently learned that a lack of vitamin D3 can contribute to a lot of medical problems including psoriasis and cancer. It's worth doing a google search and reading up on it if you have time.
I hope your tests come back good.
I'll be praying for that.