Friday, 3 October 2008

My Quirks, Floriade 08

Last week I was tagged by Goddess Diana to do a thingy about Quirks. I didn't really know what to write and I was in a bit of a negative mood when I received it but I have been thinking about it and I reckoned I would just do it without thinking about it too much so.....
UM! Quirks, I don't think I have that many but others might think so. I am just plain old me!.
The Rules are as follows;
1. Link the person who tagged you.
Here she is,
2.Mention the rules on your blog. Voila.
3.Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4.Tag 6 bloggers and link to them.
I tag; Bimbimbee who is on my sidebar as Annie.
Krissie who is on my sidebar.
Merle on my sidebar .
Martha, on my side bar .
Sorrow on my side bar too.
Shadow same place.
Which leads me to the quirks.
The first one I choose to list here is my use or should I say misuse of today's technology. I will only learn what I want to, to just get by and do the things I want. It confuses me and my mind goes dumb if I try to go further. For an example see the way I have provided the links for this quiz. Also, a case in point I don't have a mobile phone or a GPS and I neither need or want either. I can read maps and I couldn't really be bothered with a tiny phone that I can not work, makes me contactable and makes lots of money for some big rip off company.
I always read the number plates on other cars in the traffic and make up silly rhymes or sayings out of them. The letters on my number plate are YGB. Pete made this one up but he says it is "You Good Boy". TVP = textured vegetable protein, funny what they can make out of soy beans nowadays eh! Tvp was a common plate seen around Wagga.
I beat myself up over the stupid things I do. I have always been very hard on myself and even when I was a small child my Mum said when I did something wrong I would always give myself up and chastise myself. When I do something I always question myself and whether I was right or wrong to do it. At the moment I have lost confidence in my driving skills after rude people have been mean to me in the traffic. I bet though they do just as many mistakes as me but that is a different story all together. I know every time I drive somewhere people make mistakes too and I am not rude to them. I haven't had a crash since I was 17, except scraping a guidepost while reversing during a violent thunderstorm once. I bet not everyone can boast the same!
I take pictures of flowers and animals. Lots of them. And I look through them over and over again. I love them. I guess this can be attributed to my love of nature. When I was a small child we had a big book by reader's digest with lots of animal pictures and I prided myself on knowing the names of each and every one of them. Even the big picture of the snake that I used to tease and freak out my big sister with by flashing it at her. That page mysteriously disappeared.He he.
I don't follow recipes. When I look at recipes it is only to get the idea, then I can't resist tweaking it and playing around with it to experiment. This has led to many disasters but lots of fun and lots of successes too. From doing this I have a repertoire of recipes inside my head that are my regulars.I can't tell you measurements but it is usual to go by the words "until it looks right"
Well number 6, how did I get here so easily, I must have lots of quirks that I never thought about.
I am fiercely Australian and love to show off my quirkiness using the Australian twist on the English language in my speech and here in my writing. I find using it this way very amusing, especially when I see that others don't understand it and scratch their heads and look puzzled. Maybe that shows a sense of belonging to my culture and being proud of it.When I was in my teens and living in Singapore someone nick named me "Bushie" and I loved that. ( Bushie meaning someone who comes from the bush)
Right that is it. The rest of this post is dedicated to some of the flower pictures I took last Friday at Floriade. TULIPS! of course. Beautiful tulips, thrice the size of the paltry specimen that is flowering in the back yard at the moment. Even though that is pretty it doesn't hold a candle to the ones at Floriade.

Pristine single white tulips.
Tightly wrapped blood red and white streaked tulips.
Translucent bright red tulips with black centres.
Pansies that are of the deepest purple, so dark that from a distance they look black.A bit more of my obsession with finding black flowers.Enlarge this one to see the water droplets. It was mid morning when I took this and the garden beds were being watered.
Daffodils. Big ones in different sizes and colour combinations.
And artists poppies. I love them. Ha ha ha, a picnic full of flowers. And I am sounding like the count off sesame street except with flowers as my favourite subject instead of numbers.
And the last one for today a bright purple tulip.
Today I am tired after a busy week of extra work at different school around town doing the school holiday cleaning. My index finger is sore from using it so much. I jokingly said this morning that I had RSI in it but it probably a bit more of that annoying bloke Arthur. As in Arthur- itis.
I have had all day off today but I still have to go and clean our regular office shortly which does not have school holidays, unfortunately. So... I better get off here and get ready. And... have another up of tea before I go.
Bye. Love Linda


Shadow said...

hiya! thanks for the tag, but i did it not so long ago, you can find it here:

1, 2, 3 and 5 i could add to my list 'cause they are just so spot on too. guess we are a quirkier bunch than we thought....

Winterwood said...

Hi Linda - thanks for tagging me! Lol...we do share a few of the same quirks...I think youll have to read my blog now to see which ones!! hmmm...offf to think of some more now. love the tulips! oh so delicately beautiful.

Goddess Diana said...

Dear Goddess Linda May,

Love the tulips. Beautiful pictures.

Had to laugh at some of your quirks - I too love recipes as a jumping board into the creativity of my soul. So much more fun this way.

And I too beat myself up over lots of things. Part of the perfectionist layer I am trying to peel and let go off.

And I too, misuse today's technology - bits and pieces for what I need and let go of the rest.

Tee hee!!! We are so far away and yet so close - so many things in common.

Thanks for sharing and letting go of the negative mood.

Go Goddess!!! Go Goddess!!! Go Goddess!!!

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana

Gramma Ann said...

G'day linda may, I bounced over here from Merle's blog. Will come back later and read in detail. Right now I have to go to lunch.

Merle said...

G'Day Linda ~~ I liked your quirky answers and a few apply to me also. I would rather not do it Linda, I hope you don't mind - I'm not good at that sort of thing. I loved all the tulip photos
from Floriade. Many years ago I used to clean a High School, so I know about the
holiday extra cleaning. Take good care of yourself, my friend,Love, Merle.

Pear tree cottage! said...

What a beautiful lot of photos from a very special mother-in-law grew up at duntroon and is 88 now so She remembers a very different Canberra.....I will show her your photos she will enjoy them very much. Lee-ann

Bimbimbie said...

G'day Bushie Linda oh dear I always go blank with these meme things, I'm pretty sure I've done this or one very similar some time ago ... reading through your list had me nodding along with you - the main one being that you should never worry about who you are or where you were born and bred. It's what makes us who we are and how we think and if like me you get transplanted to another spot halfway through life you tend to have two points of view to most things which can get a bit crowded in the brain lol.

I've enjoyed seeing your photos from the Floriade - bird statues, and pansies are one of my favourite flowers.