Thursday, 30 October 2008

The Cat Came Back. Get them Microchipped.

Look what I got! Apart from the biggest smile on my face. Yes! That is Boo.She is back. Who would have ever believed that my cat would come home to me after being lost for seven and a half months. (She looks a lot like Martha's Mumma cat)
When I got home from work yesterday she was hiding behind the lounge, so I picked her up for a cuddle and she didn't seem too wild. After we had tea and I sat on the lounge she walked along the lounge and onto my lap and stayed there purring loud and continuously for the rest of the night. Isn't she wonderful.
I guess that answers the question of "I wonder if she will be wild and if she will remember us?", doesn't it.
She is in not too bad a condition considering. She must have been getting looked after by someone. She is molting rather badly and a bit skinny but otherwise she looks o.k. My daughter Annie came back with her to Canberra for a drive and an overnight visit and she gave her a good brushing and trimmed up a couple of mats that were in her coat, but she will need some follow up.
Look at my yucky hands, still showing the sores from my recent visit to the dermatologist.
Yep she is making her self at home. The cushion behind her is the one I got to pat at night as her substitute. She likes it too. At this moment she is curled up underneath the spare bed on the trundle mattress. It is under what used to be Annie's bed and it was her favorite sleeping place before she got lost. She spent the night going between Mum's and Annie's beds giving them cat cuddles and waking them up but rubbing her face against theirs. He he. She remembers everything. Even Rufus, when he came up to her last night she gave him a kitty kiss and touched noses with him. Lovely kitty, now my house in Canberra is complete.
The rest of the post is showing off the flowers around my yard at the moment. The one above is an Iris.
A Granny's bonnet. I really liked this photo it shows the flower being translucent and back lit by a gray sky, I hope we get some rain.
A little Marigold. Looking like fire.
The photinia that sheilds the side of the back yard view from people walking down along park.It is in flower at the moment so I am not enjoying it's smell and it is a hay fever plant. I know if you cutr the flowers off you can prevent this and you get a new crop of lovely red new growth but I can't do it because they are too tall and there is a great line of them all the way along the fence so it is too big a job for me to tackle.
These are the big everlasting daisies that Mum bought. I showed them off a couple of posts ago in a vase with some waratah. The Waratah ha sfinished but these flowers can be kept. I stripped off the foliage and trimmed the stems back. Tied them together and hung them up outside to dry. I think the ones that are more open may lose their centres but the partly opened ones should do fine.
This is a big bush of snowball or Viburnum sterile' that is in the front yard in full flower at the moment. Ah Spring!
We have lots of these annoying little beastie weeds. I have been digging them out but there are so many of them that it is just about impossible to get them all before they drop seed .
Last but not least are a patch of pretty, hardy, Gazania in the front garden near the letter box.
I have to go now, My eldest son Michael is going for a driving test this morning to get his licence. I reckon he will pass o.k. if he doesn't get too nervous. He is ready.
Ah! aren't we on a roll!
Love Linda.


Sorrow said...

don't know who looks happier!

Winterwood said...

looks like you both got a smile on your face!

Shadow said...

boo is a beauty. can't tell who's happier, the kitty or you.... guess it's mutual!

Martha said...

She is so beautiful! I am delighted for you both. Love the flower pics too.

Mountain Mama said...

Boo looks plum tuckered. I can't imagine where she's been or what she's been doing but she is obviously very happy to be bach home. I would be frantic if one of my puppies were lost. I jsut got both of them microchipped this month.
Your flowers are lovely. The one you called granny's bonnet looks like what we call Columbine. Do you know if iot is the same plant?

Bimbimbie said...

Brilliant Linda*!* With a name like Boo she had to be home with the ones she loves by the 31st*!*

Merle said...

G'Day Linda ~~ I am so glad that your cat came back and I love the photo of you and Boo. I hope your son passed his driving test. It's good to be on a roll.
Many thanks for all the nice things you send me to post. Take care, Love, Merle.