Saturday, 1 November 2008

Sunday Scribblings, Scandalous!

Scandalous is the prompt for this weekends Sunday Scribblings.
Scandalous. Hmm
I guess the work is another that is subject to personal opinion.
What is scandalous about me?
My body.
Have you ever been in a restaurant and there have been people there that like to look around at the other diners and check them out? I don't know if it is because they can't think of anything to say to their dining companions or they get bored with them or just impatient with waiting.
If you accidentally make eye contact with them they keep looking at you as if you have challenged them in some way. Watching what you are doing instead of what they are doing, which in turn makes you self conscious. You try not to glance their way but if you do they are looking back too. You wonder what they are thinking, is it your clothes, your hair, the way you eat?
Well I always get nervous and think they are looking at my body. You see my body is rather bigger than it should be. I get annoyed at them being so rude.
I often wish I had the nerve to go over to their table and say. " Excuse me, but, I am fat and LOOK I am still eating, I just thought I would tell you that in case you have not noticed"
Yes I am fat, I am scandalously so. There is always some one in a worse state than me.
So bloody what! Mind your own business.
Even when I was a teenager I felt fat but when I look back at old photos I really wasn't that bad. Compared to my sister who was gorgeous, I was.
I am what is known as messo morph shaped.
When I was a child I was very under weight and sickly until I got to double digit ages. A generation back I probably would not have survived. When I did start to eat my Mum was like, Oh quick! Lindy is eating shove something else in her mouth, and I made up for it. Boy did I make up for it!
No, I am not making excuses for myself, I know I eat too much but I try to keep it under control. Especially now because I have arthritis.
But I Really love food. I always joke that the part of my brain that says "stop you are full now" is broked. He he.
Just look at that fat lady sitting on her bum in front of the puter with a glass of red wine while a roast leg of lamb is cooking for tonight's tea.
Other things that are scandalous about me? Well, I don't know if I could talk about them on here because someone I don't want to read it might do so. But I was a bit naughty in my early to late teens and probably was the subject of a bit of gossip in those days. Somehow the things that are forbidden to you at that age are all the more sweet for being forbidden.When I was old enough to do them the attraction was gone. I was married at 20. We did some things younger in those days.Though you may dispute that looking around at today's teens.
It was funny though. My mother used to make me go out with my elder sister to look after her, she was wilder than me. I was never asked my age getting into places but she always was questioned on hers.

Here is an update on my amazing cat.
Read the last 2 posts to see why.
Boo has been hiding all day and wandering around the house finding her bearings at night. That is probably how she learned to survive being alone for so long, if indeed she was alone. She has been around more today though and is sleeping on the lounge so she is adjusting. I wish she could tell me her story.
She played with our dog Rufus this morning for a little while, they way they used to do when they grew up together, jumping over one another, pouncing and chasing.
I have been trying to find something that she would like to eat and she is being difficult about it. I now have 2 different types of dry food, one she definitely will not touch. She was always a finicky eater. I made a special trip over to the supermarket last night because she was hanging around the kitchen acting hungry. I got some of the type of food I used to give her before she disappeared, and some fresh minced steak which she had a bit of a nibble at, but she didn't have very much of it. Maybe she wants bird? That is a precedent I don't want to make though, either at the shops or the back yard. I got some vitamin paste and opened a tin of food and mixed the vitamins into that but she would not even go near it. I could try putting some of the paste on her forepaws because she would have to lick it off but I know she would hate that and I don't want to upset her by forcing her. I am concluding that she just isn't hungry enough and I should keep trying to get her to accept what I have for her.
Bimbimbee commented on my blog that her name "Boo" fitted in with Halloween and she had to be back home before that. She made it by a day.
Maybe she is my witchy familiar.
Before she disappeared she use to wait in the mornings for the slightest noise and rush out to greet me, winding herself around my feet all the way down the hallway, she hasn't got back to doing that yet.
That is about all for this time around. Now I will go reading everyone Else's ideas on the prompt. Scandalous!
Love Linda.


anthonynorth said...

To me people are what they are. If they're happy, what more can they ask for?
People who judge tend to be unhappy, 'cos they've got too many hang-ups themselves.

Martha said...

So glad to hear Boo is becoming more comfortable in her new home with her "old" companions. Hope you solve the food problem soon. Cats can be so finicky and then eat everything in sight. Momma Stormy turns her nose up at any fish but tuna most of the time. Cats!

latree said...

ah ha...
I'm with you. I'm thin, so thin... people think I didn't eta enough.

I said just as you did: I don't like to eat, so what? I'm healthy and that's what is important.

happiness isn't from our size :D

gautami tripathy said...

We are what we are. Nothing can take that away from us...


keith hillman said...

Fat and happy - that's me!

Linda Jacobs said...

I love the honesty in this! We all have good points and bad points.

Winterwood said...

Linda - me too - I call it middle age spread! lol! who cares... as long as we are happy!!!

anyway - we gave our new BBq a road test last night... the wind is so fierce here the burners kept going out, so when it comes to roasting we will have to find such a spot for it that the wind cant blow the gas out! it took ages to BBQ the stuff last night!

How nice of your mum to get you a bbq! early chrissy pressie?

Rinkly Rimes said...

You don't look scandalously fat to me!

miss*R said...

ha! I think we all did things we shouldn't have when we were younger!! lord, I was a mum at 16.

(I did receive your email, just haven't had a minute to sit and reply xo)

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Hi Linda May, You really don't want to see my fat photo! Live and let live, that's what I say! It's scandalous that anyone should judge you!

anno said...

So glad to hear about the return of your cat! You sound happy... and that's far from scandalous!

Patois said...

Your "scandal" post is such an original and heartfelt way to go with the prompt. Wonderful.

paisley said...

well girl,, if people are staring at you cuz your fat they need to get a life... or send em ova here (USA),, they say we're all fat,, they could stare till they went blind!!!!!

and about the cat wow!!! seven and a half months!!! what a trip.. i bet she was eating food scraps ,, and maybe that is what she wants to eat now... mix a little in her dry and see what she does... you can always wean her of it slowly by adding less and less over time.... good luck!!!

Robin said...

I looked at the photo of you with your cat and you are perfectly lovely looking. Perhaps everyone is just captivated by that beautiful smile of yours.

Lilly said...

I love eating too and people watching (sorry!) because I find everyone interesting.

Tammy said...

I get stared at too for being disabled. I look at it as ignorance and smile right at them to let them know they are staring.

Just enjoy your life because only you know the why's and how's.

Glad you cat came home! Yay!

Merle said...

G'Day Linda ~~ I love the photo of you and the cat who came back - so let them stare. There is always someone fatter or they stare at someone for any reason.
Just ignore them and keep that lovely smile. Glad you liked the heart and passed it on. I am looking forward to my brudda's visit, but he and Warren haven't turned up yet. Must have got side-tracked somewhere or maybe called at Yarrawonga to see our friends there.
Take great care my friend, Love, Merle.

Macie said...

Love the honesty of your post.

Thanks for stopping by!