Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Wet Dog

Today I thought I would share the pictures I took of my second son David playing with his beloved doggie Ruby. They visited us 2 weekends ago. I nicknamed Ruby, Chaos, Dave said he liked that and would keep it as her nickname. He he. The first pic is titled "Cough Cough"
Ruby and Dave. After we played with her we went back inside and she chewed up the hose. She also chewed up and demolished several pot plants and the plastic dust pan and brush and dug holes around the yard, and stomped on all the new plants I had planted. Fun, Fun,Fun. She is really funny though if you go crook on her she comes over to you and answers you in doggie language "Oh Woo Woo Woo" translated as "don't be such a grump I was only having fun".When she does that you can't help but laugh at her.
Big Jump!
Yesterday was Melbourne Cup day.In the A.C.T. it is a public holiday. See what perks the pollies (politicians) give for their workplace state! We didn't get a public holiday in N.S.W for the cup.
Melbourne Cup is always held on the first Tuesday in November and is Australia's most famous horse race.
Every year when I was in Junee we would run sweeps at work. We would all take the few mins that it took to run the race off work, and sit together in one of the lounge rooms or in one of the patients rooms to watch the race. Whoever had the best tele. This year I thought well I must mark the occasion in some way so I decided to run our own little sweep here at home. I cut up bits of paper and wrote numbers from 1 to 24 on them. Then we drew the numbers one at a time out of a jug and emptied our purses of coin, into the middle of the table. Mum won all the change as she had the winning horses number.There was about $13 in change. Yep we are surely big gamblers here.
The rest of the day I mostly spent tidying and rearranging the garage so I could get at my pottery things when I want to use them.I also cooked a date and walnut cake and a small batch of strawberry and apple jam.
So back to work today. I have a zucchini and carrot slice in the oven at the moment so that tea is cooked and waiting when I get home tonight. It is smelling really good.
Zucchini and Carrot slice.
6 eggs beaten.
2 tablespoons cream.
3 cups grated Zucchini
2 Grated carrots.
1 big onion finely diced
1 cup tasty cheese.
Cracked pepper if you like it.
Grease a tin with spray on oil or rub with butter.
Pour in breadcrumbs and coat it.
Mix all ingredients together and pour into tin.
Cook on a tray in case in drips over the edge.
In a moderate oven until it is set.
Can eat it hot or cold.
You can do it with pastry lined tin if you prefer but I don't bother.
My cat boo has found her appetite. This morning she was fed a little tin of cat food which she polished off and came looking for more. Every time you go near the kitchen she comes running. I leave dry cat food out for her as well to eat but she is really hungry now and loves eating just about anything going.
She is so cuddly too. Even more so than she was before she went missing. Probably because she i so pleased to be back with us again. She does the rounds of everyone and is really affectionate. She also remembers how to open sliding doors and she does it easily. So we have to make sure that the doors to the outside of the house are locked when we go in and out. There are several sliding doors here to the outside of the house.I have bolted the main door to the back yard and we now use the laundry door to go in and out because it is a swinging door and not a sliding door.
Constantly on the tele for the last few days is the U.S presidential election. I am not usually into politics but I see this one as having worldwide influence in its outcome. So far the tally looks to be in Obama's favour. That is the way I would have liked it to go. Hmmm. Lets see what happens next.
That's all for today.
Love Linda.


Mountain Mama said...

Hi. that dog sure loves water. My little yorkie's don't. They even run and hide if I say the word 'bath'
I'm glad you liked my sacrecrow. I didn't make him but found him half price last fall. I love sales!!

Martha said...

Wonderful dog pics and tales. Good news about Boo, too. She has such beautiful eyes. I watched a lot of the election night television as I was up with Myste most of the time. A truly historic event. I'll appreciate it more later when I get some rest.

Shadow said...

a boy and his dog. no matter their age, it's beautiful to see.

and i MUST make your carrot/zucchini slice. it sounds devine!

Bimbimbie said...

Ruby looks like she's sprouting her own water sprout from her mouth lol
Your zucchini and carrot slice sounds nice might just have to give it a try. Please Boo has got her appetite back ... must have been from all the stress of getting back to you*!*

Anonymous said...

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