Friday, 21 November 2008

November 21st, 2008

Today is my birthday. I am now 49 years old. Yep gettin' older. Nearly over the hill. Not until next year though. I bought myself a nice shirt yesterday at lunchtime for a present, so now I have something new to wear out if I go somewhere.
We cleaned Zeffirelli's restaurant yesterday ans one day last week. It had a fire and had been refurbished. Everything was covered in plaster dust. I hate plaster dust. It is so hard to get rid of. It makes my hair stand on end by the end of the day and I can't wait to get home and straight in the shower.
The floor there was a real pain. It was scrubbed with the big machine, not by me, it was still smeary. It was wet scrubbed again with the small machine, not by me, it was still smeary, it was mopped and rinsed numerous times, it was still smeary. I left there at 12.30, it was still smeary. The tiles they put down were slip proof ones and so the surface held on to the dust really well. I am sure the manufacturers of the tiles saw us poor sucker cleaners coming a mile off. , he he.
I lugged boxes of left over tiles and soft drinks from place to place over the last few days there and so last night my arm and shoulder played up all night,(pinched nerve in neck. I have panadol and dencorub to thank for what sleep I did get. But I feel o.k. today. No extra work today, just the normal hours, so that is o.k.
We had some lovely showers over the last few days that have watered my garden for free. Today it is bright and sunny and cool. I think it is in the low 20's. Nice. We had a few days last week in the low thirties so this is a nice reprieve before summer hits.
I bought my first Christmas present yesterday at lunchtime. So I have made a start. Albeit a late one for Christmas. I must get on to the Christmas card writing so I can send them out from my new address as people I haven't heard from for a while don't know the address and Paula, who now has our old house, does not have to redirect them.
That is about all for this post today. I will be back in here on the weekend for my Sunday Scribblings.
Love Linda.


Sorrow said...

happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you!
with bright happy blessings and abundance of good health, may the long time sun shine upon you!

Winterwood said...

Oh HAppy happy birthday to YOU!!!! Linda.... wow you are younger than me - youre just a baby! Have a wonderful day!!!!

and talking of tile/dust....plaster dust.... it is awful I can attest to that - doing the bathrooms renos is all about dust!!!

Shadow said...

happy birthday sweet linda!!!! i hope your day and the new year brings you lots of love and happiness!!!!

...and you mentioned the dreaded christmas shopping. how could you! heee heee heee

Martha said...

Happy Birthday! Yours is the 21st and mine is the 22nd. I almost forgot we were only a day apart. Happy Birthday!