Saturday, 15 November 2008

Sunday Scribblings, Stranger.

Little patio rose in a pot that came with me from Junee.
Above and below.
The next picture is for my blogging friend Merle.
She loves Pelregoniums.
This one is on my back table at the moment.
below, Margurite.
Below, Boo, close up.

The "Sunday Scribblings prompt" for this weekend is "Stranger". Hmm I like where my mind went with this one. :)
My first thought was one of my very favourite songs. "The Stranger" by Billy Joel, he is one of my favourite artists of all time and I love his lyrics. But this song says something special. I think most people would know the song. About recognizing the different parts of us that we might not always show. That's my take anyway.
Which in turn leads me on to "I bet my sense of humor is "Stranger" than yours. He he." Indeed there have been times in my life that I thought my sense of humor had gone all together, and I had forgotten how to laugh.
I often laugh at things that other people don't when my mind runs off on some strange tangent.
Here are a few anecdotes of things that have cracked me up over the last few weeks.
A while ago I was cleaning the office that we do each weekday evening, daydreaming and trying to hurry myself along as I usually need to do.
I put the hose into the mop bucket and turned it on then remembered I had put the mop outside in the tree to dry over the weekend and so I turned the tap down to slow and went out the back door to retrieve it. The back door of course slammed shut. I called out to my son as loud as I could manage but he had left the area and didn't hear me. There is a keypad on the door that you have to put in a number to open and of course in my panic, (bucket is in hose, tap is running Linda!) I couldn't find the numbers in the dark to punch into the lock. So I sprinted all the way around to the other side of the building where the door was open.
Wow that was good! I did not know I could still run like that.
Sprinted through the building back to the bucket and hose. The water was about an inch from the top so I breathed a sigh of relief.
I lifted the bucket to empty some of the water out of it
Of course it couldn't be that simple.
The bucket was much to heavy for me to lift up to the height of the sink and I tipped it down the front of myself. The water was HOT. I cracked up laughing at myself. Then I had to mop up about 3 litres of water from the kitchen floor. That floor had never been so clean!
When I told other people about it they did not find it something to laugh about. Maybe it is all in the delivery of the story. I am not very good at telling jokes.Verbally.
And yesterday.......
We were cleaning a restaurant in Dickson which had been refitted after fire damage. There were 5 of us working together on it as well as other tradesmen, painters, electricians etc. Anyway.....just before we left there there was a painter on a ladder going along one wall near us. He was one one of those funny ladders that have a sloping bit near the top and no side stays so that he could make it walk along the floor by opening and closing his legs and snapping it shut and open. I cracked up laughing because each time it snapped open and shut, it closed at the top like a pair of big pincers and it was just it was just 2 inches away from his My imagination runs riot. He he he.The other person I pointed it out to was a male, he did not find it funny, but he did smirk........ it must have shocked him that a woman would bring that to his attention, especially since I was the only woman there.
Well, I bet my imagination is stranger than yours too!


~*sis*~ said...

lol, you have a great imagination, and a wonderful sense of humour (re - the water). better to laugh than cry ;-)

anthonynorth said...

Yes, quite often the greatest stranger is ourself.

Shadow said...

what a pleasure to be able to laugh at oneself. your patio rose is amazing!!!!

Merle said...

G'Day Dear Linda ~~ Great post about your mishaps with the hose in the bucket
etc. Your flower pics are lovely. And thanks for the pelargonium - it's a
beautiful one. I think I have that one.
They are past their best now, but Warren thought they were nice. Peter says he's not trying to grow any more plants as they all keel over, so he wouldn't look at mine. Glad you liked the fun English signs. Must get to a post now. Take care,
Love, Merle.

Martha said...

Lovely rose. I miss mine which is now all stems for the winter. I think the ability to laugh at yourself and make light of troubles is one of the greatest gifts anyone can have. And I am continually amazed at how "strange" I can be in comparison to others.

Linda Jacobs said...

This is so funny! I enjoyed your stories immensely! And your flowers are gorgeous!

Devil Mood said...

Oh you definitely haven't lost your sens of humour. I love it when we can laugh at ourselves and the silly things that happen to us :)

Granny Smith said...

Don't bet on it! I have laughed at some really strange things. I love your photos. Winter is arriving here and flowers are a bit scarce.

tumblewords said...

Laughing at strange things is good for the heart! Laughing at someone else's strange is good, too. And I did. These are funny stories and your photos are beautiful!

alister said...

Good timing with the hose and bucket trick. Well, for awhile anyway! I found that and the pincers story hilarious. So what does that say about me??? LOL! Love the photo of Boo. She looks young, wild and irritated!

Beth said...

These were funny, especially the story about the ladder (and the fact the person you told was not amused), and Chewbaca through the eyes of a child. And sprinting around to the front door!

Tammy said...

I enjoyed your sense of humor and ability to chose laughter.

Rambler said...

hehhe strange imagination for sure :)

Merle said...

G'Day Linda ~~ Happy Birthday to You for tomorrow, Friday 21st November. I hope you have a wonderful day and have
a great time with friends and family.
Again, your flowers are beautiful, love the orange rose and the purple marguerite. All very nice. Have a happy day my friend. Love, Merle.