Wednesday, 11 February 2009


It is Tuesday night, and nice and cool here in Canberra compared to the shocking heat we had last week.
The fires in Victoria are still burning tonight. The official death toll has been announced tonight as 181 and still climbing. More bodies are expected to be found amongst the rubble of homes and cars that are yet to be searched. It has been predicted that the death toll may rise as high as 300.
There are 450 defense personnel involved with the search and fire fighting, as well as many hundreds of fire fighters. Fire fighters are coming from New Zealand and the U.S. to help plus other places as well, I have not heard all of the news today so I am not up on all the details.
The winds picked up today across Victoria and pushed the fires along to cause more damage and threaten more towns.
The radio station here in Canberra that was running an appeal for food, clothes etc, as mentioned yesterday, for the fire victims, was putting calls out on the radio for people to stop bringing them stuff because they had too much. They now have 12 shipping containers full of goods to take to the fire effected region which they will start transporting by road tonight. The appeal that I spoke about yesterday, run from Red Hill school where I work, will have to forward their donations else where.When I went there this afternoon the foyer was covered in things donated to go to Victoria. I took 9 gift bags in have which I had put a face washer, toothpaste, soap, tooth brushes, razors, note pad and pencil. I hope they get sent. I went shopping early this morning to collect things I thought may be useful.
There has been 10 million dollars donated through another appeal and the prime minister has said that they will not put a cap on relief funding for the disaster.
They also said on the radio that the blood bank is fully booked out for the week so I will wait to donate blood until later. They will still need it.
I am tired.
Going to bed.
Good night.
Love Linda.


Sorrow said...

they certainly will need it,
Good for you.
What a horrible thing to have to watch unfold.
Keeping those who lost everything in the fire close in my thoughts

Shadow said...

this is incredibly saddening. good luck. good night.

latree said...

I read about this in the news paper. I hope you are away from it and ok.