Thursday, 5 February 2009

Summer Garden, sizzlin' in the heat.

I was thinking that I did not have a lot around the yard that was in flower and living up to the viscous heat wave we have been enduring the last few weeks. So....I went outside with my camera and found there was quite a bit out there to look at after all. Mostly what is in flower is bits and pieces not big bunches, but here they are to show off to you.
First picture is of an ivy geranium, tough little plant it is too. But not in the cold and frosty time of the year when I will have to protect it or lose it.
This is a mini rose out the back.
This is sold as Million bells , what is it's proper names, who cares it is pretty. Starts with a C.
Mum's little marigolds.Another tough little plant.
There are some more little mini roses and a Portulaca or two.
And a little fairy light getting her solar boost so she can glow tonight.
The Hebe out the front garden is just about finished flowering. I almost cut this out when we moved here because it was half dead and scraggy but it has come back not too badly with just a bit of trimming instead. The flowers come out a very dark purple then fade to mauve.
A crepe Myrtle a bit heat stressed but surviving. I don't think it is supposed to be flowering just now. They usually do that at the end of summer.
This is a hibiscus shrub at the front of the house. They are not the big showy flowering plants that you find in the tropics, those ones don't grow this far south.
Another hibiscus flower, a single one this time that is growing at the side of the house as a big shrub. It is quite lovely and about 15 ft tall. It must be happy. I like the way the light is shining through and illuminating it's petals.

Something else that is on my mind at the moment.
Why oh why, I will never understand. Why blokes can have it all, the lifestyle, the beautiful wife , house, flash cars, cute kids the works and still perv at other women and make comments about them. About their looks or what they would like to do to them.
Yeah guys have a laugh at me, but really, why do you do that?
Don't you know how demeaning, demoralizing, how big a put down and zap of confidence and self image that acting this way is to the woman that you are supposed to love and have chosen to live your life with.
C'Mon. It is not just a matter of "What she does not know won't hurt her".
How would you feel about women doing that to you at the level you do it to them.
Women give up so much when they choose to make a family with you and you basically shit on them whenever a half attractive woman goes past.
I fell really terrible for the wives of men whom I see doing this. And I feel terrible for me.
My husband has even done it when I was with him, he walked into a parking sign one day looking at someone, hah serves him right! He he.
I know he has had his flirtations and I have had my attractions before, but we don't act on them. Why would we risk losing what we have for a bit on the side when what we have is good.
It has been shown over millenia that open marriages don't work, not for very long anyway. Why would you risk that.
No, I don't understand.
Sure, as women we look and admire men too. We like to look at both women and men and admire their beauty. But on the whole not many women that I have known carry on like lunatics in that regard. Though I do see men doing that.
No, I guess I don't understand.
Sometimes I wonder if in doing so they are just reinforcing their masculinity to the people around them who might be watching or maybe trying to reinforce that they are hetrosexuals. Well mate! keep it to yourself.
That is just my rant for the day. I got that off my chest. Comments appreciated on the subject, be they positive or negative. What do you think?


Sorrow said...

thats a tough question
and i don't rightly know.
seems kinda foolish, but then a lot of men seem foolish to me.
and society does let them get away with it.
Just look at our bloody politicians!
Lovely flowers!

Merle said...

Dear Linda ~ ~ You have some nice flowers, mine are struggling as our weather has been hotter for longer
Next week is supposed to be cooler.
I sure hope so. Men seem to get away with a lot more than women, and think they are entitled to. And that will probably continue while women stay and look after kids etc.
I hope it is cooler for you soon. Good luck with the new schools.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Shadow said...

i know some men like that, and as attractive they may seem when their attention is bestowed on you, afterward, when reality and the heartbreak of such men sets in, they become small, lonely and very shallow beings in my eyes. love is more than looks. it's a combination of that and many other factors. i couldn't love someone for their looks alone. how can another??? i don't think they do either.

Bren said...

I love the photos you have posted today. It really helps the Cabin Fever I am fighting. I can't wait to get out and garden. I wish I could help you with the question you asked. Don't let the negatives in life bring you down. There is always going to be something there to pull you down... hold on tight and don't let it!
Warm Wishes from my garden in the Midwest.

Jeanette said...

Gday Linda,,i just popped in from Merles.. You have some lovely plants in your crepe also flowering..Its hard trying to keep them alive in this heat.. Oboy were forecast44c today..its only 12.10pm and its 42.4
I just checked my Million Bells Tag..the red is Called Ruby Calibrachoa.then I have a deep pink its called calibrachoa cherish. I have lost the orange and white tags..I hope this helps you..Men? If My hubby ( He has passed away )said look at her.. I just waited till a youngish man walked by and I would say "Did you see his nice Arse or he must have a pair of socks rolled up down his pants."it soon stopped him commenting on other women. But I must say he always made nice comments to me whether I just got out of bed or was dressed to go out. so I cant complain....