Saturday, 28 February 2009

This weeks Sunday Scribblings Prompt is lost.
Pete and I went to the Canberra show today. We spent 4 1/2 hours sticky beaking around at everything. It was wonderful to spend time together, we can't do enough of that by ourselves. We dawdled around, got sun and wind burnt and covered in dust and enjoyed that too. We were laughing about the shark slide in the picture above. Pete's caption to it was "The fish John West reject". Another dumb thing we laughed at was, a sign that said "Breastfeeding Mother's Association", I wonder if they do free samples? Yeah I know we are warped.
But I also think it fits today's prompt, especially the Mum looking for her child to emerge from the sharks mouth. I bet that kid has nightmares about sharks tonight. He he. It looks like the lady with the stripey shirt is holding the sharks mouth open with a stick. There was a big inflatable crocodile slide too.

This little guy is called Casper. I think he is a Murray Grey, but he might be a Limousin, dunno, either one. He is 6 days old. He wanted to get back to his Mum, she is just behind him. Aren't baby animals of all sorts cute?
There was the usual array of all sorts of animals, Cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, cats, dogs, goats, alpaca, you name it, it was there.The show was well worth the look and much bigger than the local country shows I have been used to going to in the past. Side show alley was huge. I never was one for being tipped upside down and spun around at speed on those rides though.
These next few pics are of flowers and home grown produce on display at the show. I reckon they must have waxed and polished them. But I can put them in here with the prompt because they made me think. All that work and TLC to go into growing and nurturing them and then we cut them down. Then they are lost, but are nourishment for the body and soul in so many ways.
Pretty dahlias. They were the predominant bloom at the show at this time of year. Hundreds of them.
You can just see some of the cookery display behind the flowers. I had a look along at them. I don't know who the judges were but the winning exhibits were certainly not the best cooked items on display. E.G. one banana cake that had won a champion ribbon was terrible, it was sunken in the middle, stogy looking and heavy, with some of the texture looking decidedly doughy on the bottom. I wonder if the name of the exhibitor made a difference to the judge's decision. Hmmm. The carrot cakes were the same with one shoved up the back and looking perfect to my mind, unawarded.
I used to win awards for my flowers when I bothered to enter them in the Junee show.
This fruit and vege picture was sponsored by Woolworths. Who advertise themselves here as" the Fresh Food People". But I know they keep their produce in cold storage for months to stretch its shelf life. Ha! Fresh! Yeah right!

Some other thoughts on this weekend's prompt were inspired by Granny Smith's post.
Her post bought back memories of my son David when he was a little tacker. He is 24 now and would be most embarrassed by this story.
He was probably 3 years old at the time when we all went up to Coff's Harbour for a holiday. Pete, myself, the two little boys, Michael and David and my Dad and Mum all squished into the one car and off we went.
David had a favourite Teddy bear he used to cart everywhere with him called Huggie, and he would not let it out of his sight so Huggie went along for the ride too. Huggie was a little brown bear with a superman cape, which suited David wonderfully because you couldn't get him out of his super man shirt and cape, he used to go crook if he had to take it off to be washed. He even waited underneath the clothes line for it to dry so he could put it straight back on again. Huggie was actually a little Super Ted bear, if you can remember that cartoon, but Dave named him Huggie bear.
On the way home from Coff's Harbour we went through the Hunter valley, to look around because that is where my Dad was born and grew up. We stopped at a small town called Scone for lunch and Dad went into the bank there to get some more money with David tagging along. He was a funny little kid and would have followed my Dad anywhere but didn't like a lot of people and would not have anything to do with them. Anyway some how Huggie got left behind. We did not discover the loss until that night when it was bed time and we were hundreds of miles away by then. Dave was inconsolable. He couldn't be settled and fretted for his Huggie bear. Dad was upset too that he had not noticed when Huggie was left behind.
Unbeknown to us Dad worked out just where Huggie had been seen last and wrote a letter to the bank in Scone. About a month later a parcel turned up addressed to Master David Lander.When David opened it he grabbed his beloved Huggie bear and burst into tears.
I still have Huggie bear, he is in a box of toys that I could not bear to throw away in the shed. He is pretty scruffy looking now days, maybe one day I will get to introduce him to David's child. If I am lucky.
Reminds me of the children's story "The Velveteen Rabbit". Huggie is real. His cape is long since lost and he is shabby and I think one eye is gone. The Velveteen Rabit story says that toys have to be loved before they become real.


latree said...

it was a great show to attend. so you also call that flower 'dahlia' too, I thought it is 'chrysanthemum' in english..

Shadow said...

lost to themselves, yet providing pleasure for those who have them in a vase in their lounge or bedroom, what a unique view...

anthonynorth said...

Looked like a good day out - and boy, do those teddy bears have adventures :-)

Mountain Mama said...

What a fun day. I haven't gone to the local fair for several years but I'm thinking maybe it's time. Your pictures have inspired me.
I used to love looking at the needlework and the flowers while the kids went for the rides.
I wish I could raise Dahlia's but the slugs eat them as fast as they grow. The tubers also must be dig up each fall and thats a lot of work for me now that I'm older.
Latree mentioned that she thought it was a Chrysanthemum but they are two completely different plants.

Winterwood said...

wonderful post Linda - looks like a good time was had by all!

Alisa said...

Looks like a lovely time had by all but the lost shark boy. :)

The Velveteen Rabbit was one of my favorite books as a child and I still read it to my own kids. They both have stuffed "lovey's" with histories of many adventures.

Tumblewords: said...

How much fun is that? A good excursion. Amazing that huggie was found and ultimately returned. Good dad... Heartwarming story.

rosey said...

What a great time you had. Funny sseeing the Woolworth name mentioned - They went bust in the UK last month after 99 years on every shopping street in the land. I love Dahlias too. There are so many types, but they do attract rather a lot of creepy crawlies!

Marguerite said...

Looks like a great show. Glad I was able to "attend" through the beautiful pictures you posted. I especially enjoyed the story of David's Huggie Bear!

Redness said...

Love those country shows and the forlorn little mites who find themselves in the lost kids tent ... love your post and the memories!

Bimbimbie said...

Our big Show isn't until August but we have a little local one happening very soon. It amazes me Wolworths can get away with that slogan they don't live up to*!*