Saturday, 7 March 2009

Sunday Scribblings, "Listen up! This is important."

The Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is "Listen up! This is important"
I had a look at the prompt last night and thought about it and this morning it came to me.
Dad must have been around watching me somewhere because I thought of one of his sayings.
"Remember all the P's."
Dad had quite a few different little sayings he would use as prompts for us girls, but this one could be applied to many many different situations no matter what was going on. Good advice too. Isn't it funny that the things our parents teach us stay with us through out our lives so strongly?
All The P's.









I always liked that one.
I also have one saying of my own that I think of very often when going about my every day stuff.
Remember the "Kiss" principle.
Stands for "Keep It Simple Stupid"
I truly believe in this one.

This week has been very normal, and I am lovin' it.
Mum has gone up to my sister's place for a while. It is my niece Tato's 19th birthday so she has gone for a visit. My house is so normal! I even get to go to the shop without her, and it does not take me 1 1/2 hours to do it and about the same time waiting for her to get ready to go there. Wonderful! Pete got a phone call earlier this week, while I was at work, to say she has had a fall and cut her hand which had to be stitched, I am so glad she didn't break anything as she has osteoporosis. Seems like almost every time she goes up there something happens to her. She is o.k. though, I just hope it does not get infection in it.
I did a bit of research on the net during the week about the effects of too much acid in the body as I was having some problems, so now I have imposed an alkaline balance diet to try to set things straight. It seems to be working and I feel much better, physically and mentally. I have even lost some weight so it is easier to get my work done. Amazingly it only took 3 days for the effects to show on me. Pete is trying it out too, though he is usually pretty physically fit due to having to be that way for his job. We tested him too and he was about the same level of acidity as me but that has balanced out quite nicely. The info says that we should aim for a diet that is 70 percent alkaline or alkaline producing foods and 30 percent acid type foods. Also our urine should have a PH reading of between 6.5 and 7.5. I don't usually go in for experimenting with diets and am wary of fads because I think they do more harm than good, but as I was having the acid trouble I thought that I would give it a try.
Other than that, my life at the moment consists of the work, home, sleep, cycle to earn money to pay the bills. The electricity, phone, water, rent, food and a hopefully a little bit of entertainment treadmill, that keeps us all going round in circles, biting our own bums. He he.
This weekend in Canberra is a long weekend to celebrate Canberra day, which is on Monday. Canberra is 96 years old this year. Happy Birthday Canberra! Love Ya! There is a concert and celebrations on in the park on Monday that I would like to go to, freebies of course. I still have to clean the Queanbeyan schools on monday though, because it is over the border in N.S.W. so not having the holiday we get in this state. I will be able to play around with the starting time as we don't have to do the Canberra schools. The skin on my hands is dry and peeling and disgusting at the moment as a result of chemicals and also I suspect, a result of wearing rubber and plastic gloves to work in. I will have to action that.
That is about all this post.
Good morning peoples.
Love Linda.


Sorrow said...

Now how did you find out you were having an 'acid" problem?
and what foods would you be eating to counter act all that?
fascinating stuff...
please do share more!

Lucy said...

love that Kiss! great advice! xox

Winterwood said...

Linda - please can you post in what you are doing and how? what foods and what is the diet? I know about the diet but not sure what you eat. I need to do this as I am v acdic and suffer with acid in tummy and lots of arthritis! thats from being too acidic too. could you give us a samplemenu of what you eat? I also need to loose weight...real BAD!!!! this info would be really useful. and where do you go to get your urine tested for ph?

Winterwood said...

THANKS linda - will do all you said and will let you know how i go!!!

anthonynorth said...

Some wise words with the 'P's there :-)
My Dad's favourite saying was: If we all walked the same way we'd never meet anyone.
Although I've revised the language.

latree said...

congrats on your weight lost..
keep on keeping on!


Fledgling Poet said...

I loved your sayings...they're both very true! That acidic diet sounds very interesting -- I had not heard of that one before. Thanks for sharing~~

A wildlife gardener said...

I agree our parents' ways and words stay with us forever, Linda May.

I have not heard of the diet you are using, with acid and alkaline foods. What did you have to eat?

Rinkly Rimes said...

Read the one, enjoyed the Show pics on the other. Particularly the dahlias. I have some coming on here in Newcastle (Oz) but having no green finger they'll probably come to nothing!.

Mountain Mama said...

I would like to know more about the acid/alkaline thing. Where did you learn about it?
I wish Canberra a Happy Birthday too.

Tumblewords: said...

The P's and Kiss are great! Something easy to remember and use. Good luck with the diet -

mspennylane said...

Hehe all those P's definitely make you listen up!

Marguerite said...

I'm already a KISS fan, but hadn't heard the P's. Great advice--I need to learn my P's! Good luck with the diet.

Merle said...

G'Day Linda ~~ I like the KISS principle too. Interesting diet ideas
Maybe you will tell us more about how to test for it. and more details.
I hope you were able to go to the
free concert after getting the work done. Both Victoria and Tasmania are having Monday off too for Labour Day.
It is a wonder NSW didn't have it too. Take good care of yourself, sorry to hear of your MILs fall.
Love, Merle.