Tuesday, 17 February 2009

It is late Tuesday night, in fact in just 2 minutes it will be Wednesday. I got back from work tonight and have not wound down yet so here I am at the computer.
I was told tonight that the death toll from the Victorian fires has now topped the 200 mark. I heard on the news earlier while traveling between jobs that there were still 6 fires burning out of control. So that is bad but still a big improvement on what it was a week ago.
Ah now it is Wednesday morning.
I should go to bed, I am tired but not sleepy yet.
For Valentines day Pete, Mum and I had lunch at the restaurant in the park that overlooks Lake Burley Griffin. we stayed outside on the deck, because we had Rufus our little doggie with us. It was quite funny. I thought I would have a glass of wine with my lunch so I ordered a nice glass of Riesling and took one sip. Sat back in the chair and looked out across the lake thinking "Yep, I can take this anytime" and when I put the glass down missed the edge of the table completely and it tipped all over me. Well, 2/3rds of it anyway. When I had a look on the menu I had just paid $8.50 to wear a nice glass of wine. It was a bit uncomfortable too as the wind had quite a chill to it. Not good with a wet crotch and belly, we won't mention how I must have smelt. He he.
That evening Pete and I snuck away by ourselves into the city to spend some time together alone. There was a festival on in town called the Fringe festival. A multicultural type thingy with music, dancing, ethnic food etc. We stayed for a while and watched Latin music and dancing in Garema place and had some Fijian food that was ordinary at best, fried and kept in the bain -marie until it had turned to leather. There was another marquee that had a band going and we stayed and listened in there for a while too. Also watched some of those Brazilian martial arts/dance /exercise people, can't remember the name of that. Pretty good they were too. There was a Cuban bloke there singing, he was good also. The minister for cultural affairs got on stage and did a bit of a political blurb while trying to act cool and show us all how he could dance, which he couldn't, but it was funny anyway.
It is still cool here, a refreshing reprieve from a few weeks ago when we had that heat wave that spurred the fires. It is supposed to warm back up into the high 20's early 30's later this week. We are supposed to get some rain tomorrow. We have not had any for a couple of weeks, it has been trying to rain, but the clouds have not managed to give up any more than a fine misty sprinkling.
We are still going through the adjustment period with the new schools we are cleaning in Queanbeyan. They will get to know us soon and learn that we are good at what we do and are doing the right thing by them. It is taking a little longer for them to trust us because we don't actually see anybody there at the schools as it is well after school hours. But we, and they, will get used to each other.
Better try to get some sleep now as the icons for the bold and italics writing has mysteriously come on and won't disappear. Bugger! Ah there it goes! How did that happen?
Good Night.
Love Linda.


Shadow said...

your valentines day sounds lovely, split wine notwithstanding. we too have had lovely rain, and about a 10 degree drop in temperature, looks like our weather patterns kinda match... and with that good night, dear linda

Winterwood said...

and so to bed.........another lovely post of a day in your life over there Linda! wonderful! I really enjoy your snippets of real life.

miss*R said...

I just heard that a firefighter from Canberra has died in the fires. So sad.

and up north a national disaster area with floods..

Merle said...

Dear Linda ~~ No one has called me Merlie Girl for many years, my Dad used to when I was young. There are 209 dead now and they don't expect too many more, thankfully. I was upset about the Canberra firefighter.
I am glad that you and Pete had a good Valentine's Day and what's a little spilt wine apart from $8.50)
I was sorry to hear of the pilot who died after fighting fires at Junee.Glad you weren't in Canberra when they had their turn about 500 homes lost 4 or 5 years ago. I have to take it a bit easier as I have had trouble walking. Take care and don't you overdo it either
Love, Merle.