Saturday, 21 February 2009

Sunday Scribblings "Trust"

My weekly favourite Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is 'Trust".
Well thunk me, that sounds really serious.
I don't want to be serious.
I went to the National Zoo and Aquarium today. I have not been there for probably 7 years it has developed further in that time.
To tie it in with this weeks prompt.
Well here goes. That first fella or sheila in the picture above is a beautiful big reticulated python. These guys get real big and are second in size to the anaconda.
Would you trust him with your pets?
Here is a little salty, or salt water crocodile. There were a few of these in the exhibit, probably siblings, all about 20 inches long.
Would you trust him with your fingers?
The lovely big smooth, graceful, fluid snake on the branch above is an olive python. He lives in north Queensland and the Northern Territory.
I would trust him in my shed to catch the rodents. Doesn't mean I would enjoy going into the shed though.
This bloke/sheila is a painted crayfish.
I do not think I could trust him in my tropical fish tank.
What about this lovely soft cuddly snow leopard?
I think it better to trust her on the other side of the fence.
This is a nice sized groper. One of the cod family.
Could you trust swimming with her? I think you could. Just watch the fingers, or the arms, or the head, just a mouthful for her. Looks like a good idea they had for that kids birthday party anyhow.
How about this guy?
Trust him with your garden? Before someone tells me...yes I do know he is a fussy eater.
Would you trust these maps in the bush?
Could you trust this red kangaroo?
He has lost his right back paw. He could not scratch you too badly with that. He must be O.K. or they would not have had him in the open pen for the public to pat.
Would you pick up this sexy legged hitch hiker.?
Or give these two emus a ride on your ark?
Some one must have.
Gloomphf Gloomphf! ( is the noise they make, like a weird drum beat that comes from deep inside their throats.)

Could you trust these little penguins not to poop in your swimming pool? They used to be called fairy penguins but they recently had a name change to little penguins. They are so cute and when they are swimming they look like they are flying under water.
If you enlarge this picture you can see that this black sun bear is trying to lick the inside of this drink bottle with his long tongue.It was not rubbish that had been thrown into it's pen. The zookeepers put things inside the drink bottles and give them to the animals to play with to entertain them. The otters had some with squid pieces inside.
Would you trust him with your lolly stash?
What about this white lioness, languishing in the afternoon warmth. Isn't she a beauty?
But...would you trust her on your side of the fence?
This little otter was hunting for tid bits that a group of children (friends of the zoo) had hidden in their enclosure. Now why didn't they have things like that to get into when I was a kid.
I would not trust him let loose in the Aquarium.
Cotton top Tamarin. I absolutely loved these little guys. I could have spent most of the afternoon just watching them and not looking at anything else.They are native to the northern part of South America.
Would you trust your hair dresser with them?
It might be funny seeing her trying to hold one still to do the haircut.

There were three or four of these blokes at the zoo.
How about a hug from them?
Would you trust them?
You can go on tours at the zoo where you can have one of these bears lick honey off your hand , or go into the cheetah enclosure and pat them.
Last but not least is this beautiful Lion fish. Those lovely decorative fins hold nasty, painful, poisonous spikes.
Would you trust patting him?
That is my flippant take on the prompt "Trust".
That's it for this week.
Love Linda.


Megha said...

I would never trust them ;)
Never around them. But the snow leopard is cute though.

anthonynorth said...

Some great pics there. And I'll always trust you to offer a great post - but I'd never trust those critters ;-)

Anonymous said...

love the pics :D:D
chk my contribution

Winterwood said...

heart palpitations just looking at all that wild life! - glad you had such a nice time at the zoo... love the lion fish best!

Shadow said...

what a delightful take on trust!

Mountain Mama said...

I personally would never trust a wild critter. They are 'wild' after all! I think they are fascinating to see but am always thankful for the fence or thick glass that separated ys.
Thank you for sharing your photos. I enjoyed seeing them.
Was that the Emu's feet. Now I don't feel so bad about my own!

totomai said...

oh well, maybe its worth a try trusting them. hehe. but of course, we can never really tell about their behavior no matter how trained they are.


keith hillman said...

Thank you for your flippant post! I for one really enjoyed every word and picture.

Marguerite said...

Great pictures and a fine take on the prompt. I wouldn't trust these critters, even 'tho they are beautiful. Really enjoyed this one.

Fledgling Poet said...

I really enjoyed your post...and loved all your photographs of the zoo animals! I most definitely would not have trusted the majority of them... :~)

Bobbi said...

Great trust post! I loved all the photos! I don't think I'd trust any of these creatures!

Tumblewords: said...

What a fun post! Great shots and surely a good use of the prompt word.

bunnygirl said...

Those cute little penguins can poop in my pool anytime! Or rather, they could if I had a pool. Who should be trusting whom?

Merle said...

G'day Linda ~~ Thanks for the trip to the zoo, but I wouldn't trust too many of them. Glad you enjoyed the story of Jack Benny, more on that next post. Have you tried to get a
job at a hospital or aged care facility in Canberra at all? You have some experience and seem suited to it. Cleaning schools is hard work
physically. Just a thought, my friend. Take care, Love, Merle.

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