Saturday, 2 May 2009

Sunday Scribblings "Confession"

This weeks Sunday Scribblings prompt wants us to make a "Confession."
The first line came straight to my mind, but I have to build it into something. Lets try.

I must confess I am a mess
My hair needs a cut and brushing
My housewife skills are not the best
Some of my clothes need tossing
The work I do could make some spew
And maybe leave you laughing
But I am fine and happy with mine
So look to your own
Each to his own
And stop your damnable knocking.

Never said I was perfect. he he.
Confession. Um, nothing else I want to put out there at the moment. All too personal and what I choose to write in here is my choice so there you go.
I am still sometimes struggling to heal but am getting better at trying to move on with love. Looking forward and fighting to trust and stay positive, I am staying. Just yesterday I fought down some bad feelings and beat them back and was shown that those feelings were wrong.

This morning I cut down a conifer that had died in the back garden due the the drought. It was in a stupid place and never looked right where it was anyway. I reckon some fool must have been given it in a pot for Christmas several years ago and decided that they would stick it in the ground anywhere there was a gap without planning where it should have gone. It looked like that to me anyway. I have a couple or blisters on my hand from the secateurs and my handy little pruning saw. So I must confess I have retreated back inside to my biggest time waster, the puter. It is bright and sunny outside today but cool inside so I am being a selfish consumer of our resources and have the little fan heater blowing on my legs. The temperature got down to 1 degree last night so the cold is here and I have been moving my plants all around to try to stop the frosts damaging them so badly like they were last year. There is autumn colour everywhere around Canberra at the moment with all the deciduous trees in their yellow and red and orange cloaks. So at the schools and in my back yard there is lots of leaves to chase out and pick up. I use them as mulch at home, you are not allowed to burn them anymore like I used to love to do when I was a child and play fire bug. That was o.k though and a big bonus to my parents because I used to like doing that and they got the leaves cleaned up for them easily. He he.
This afternoon I am going to make some anzac bikkies just incase the visitor we are expecting turns up and then I will have something to serve with a cuppa. Better go do that eh!
Love Linda.


Giggles said...

Gosh how many of us can relate to that poem... enjoyable post! Couldn't help but wonder if

"This morning I cut down a conifer that had died in the back garden due the the drought. It was in a stupid place and never looked right where it was anyway"

was actually some kind of metaphor right now! If not it should be!! Well done!!

latree said...

i like messy look.
tide up my hair will make me look weird...

anthonynorth said...

An enjoyable poem.
Poor conifer.

Rinkly Rimes said...

You sound as though you're getting on with life 'in your own fashion'. Great!

You mentioned Banjo Paterson in your comment to me. I like the rhythm at first and then it gets too repetitive but it's certainly good when recited by a master.

Shadow said...

how i enjoyed reading your post. you have a relaxing tone that i love.

AD said...

Hey Linda I need a cut too, my hair thhat is :)

very nice prompt attempt :)

Larraine said...

Very personal "confession." I'm not brave enough for that yet. At least not in public!

Lucy said...

you don't sound like you are too much of a mess Linda! You were able to write a super post! not sure what anzac bikkies are but I am so hungry right now.. wish I could try one! :)

Tumblewords: said...

Laughing at your confessional poem. It sounds like a universal life - but your skill at anzac bikkies and conifer chopping is far and away - above and beyond! Good post!

Sorrow said...

Yes, I must confess, Computers are the best time wasters.
Hang on to your heart lady, it's love of self that will heal you, and get you through!

Aparna said...

don't you wanna confess somehting more secretive?

enjoyed reading!

sweet poem

floreta said...

aw i'm a mess too..
i'm not very domesticate :(

Bimbimbie said...

LOL loved your housewifely lament Linda ... good to read you are fighting down those negative thoughts. Smiles to you from me*!*

Dee Martin said...

I had to google Anzac Bikkies - now I want some. I'll be over in a moment :)

I could so imagine sitting down and sharing a cuppa with you as I read this. You may be confessing more than you know - your personality seems to shine through this :)

paisley said...

its sunday,, unkempt is your option..... well i guess it isn't really sunday at all,, but it was once....

Nana said...

'I confess I'm a mess.'
We all are, honey, that's what makes life so enjoyable :-)

Winterwood said...

in spite of going thru your tough time - youre writing is magnificent! keep smiling!