Friday, 1 May 2009

Tell a Tale. "Silence."

Here is my second go at the "Tell a Tale site. This weeks prompt is the word Silence.
Silence. What is that? Is it the opposite of noise?
Is it some strange thing that we imagine there is, but is never quite real?
What is real? Sometimes I don't know.
Even in a flotation tank where you are meant to be able to hear nothing from outside, inside you can hear your own heart beat and breathing.
Maybe there are different types of silence that are not so noiseless. Like the silence you hear from the person you are talking to after saying something stupid and their silence tells you that you have just made a dumb mistake.
Or, the silence you get when someone feels unable to tell you the truth.
Or, the silence you hear when you walk into a room and everybody who is talking stops dead and looks around at you and you wonder what you did or what they were saying that they did not want you involved in.
Or, the silence that comes to you after you have the house to yourself after not having a minutes peace and it is pure heaven to hear. But you know it is only temporary and that you will welcome your loved ones returning and breaking the silence again.
Or the type of silence that you seek for solace in the bush, and revel in, even though you can still hear the music of life going on around you. The wind, the trees, the birds the rustle in the grass the far off voices of people, the insects buzz.
The silence of loneliness, or of boredom, or the still of a night alone, or social isolation, the silence of a tiny animal in terror, or your terror.
Or the deliberate silence given when someone wants to hurt you.
Or the silence of waiting to see the result of your deeds.
The relative silence of clock watching for a longed for event or an end to come, whatever the conclusion may be, a beginning or an end.
The silence of waiting and not knowing and wanting, unrequited.
Or maybe it is the inability to hear, either physically or mentally what is being said to you.
The end result of the loss of one of our most dear senses.
There is never silence even in an empty mind.
Silence. What is that?


Shadow said...

silence is very difficult to attain it seems. good post!

anthonynorth said...

This is so very true. Nicely said.

Amias said...

Now where is my comment, I know I made one ... I most especially loved the ending to this, as it wraps up and complete the thought ..

"There is never silence even in an empty mind.
Silence. What is that?"

iron girl traveling said...

Great thoughts! Amazing how it fills so many different meanings. Thanks for taking time to read my blog.

Bimbimbie said...

So true, our brains are always chattering, remembering, analyzing *!*

Story Teller said...

You style of writing stories is amazing. I liked the last one, I liked this one too...

Thanks for participating. The First contest at Tell a Tale is on in 2 days time. Will look forward to your participation. Best of luck.

And Linda, please link only the story to the Mr. Linky thing, and not your blog. So, the readers wont need to find/search for the exact story.