Friday, 8 May 2009

Tell A Tale. My Childhood Dream.

The tell tale prompt for this week is "My Childhood Dream"
The picture used for the prompt shows a girl, lets call her Lauren, about 7 years old sitting at a table with her chin resting on her hand, day dreaming. A sweet innocent face filled with hope and a smile for her future.
Now that I am the age I am, I look back at this age group and long for the innocence of those years. I can not remember all the details but I can remember some of the feelings.
I remember that I wanted to be pretty but never was. I had to learn to accept what nature gave me. Well, I believe that in theory anyway, I still want to be pretty at 49 years of age, but I am dreaming again. That is never going to happen, not now. Instead of dreaming I should have been plotting my course how to get there.
The sweet little girl in the photo has other things on her mind. She has a secret smile on her face I wonder what she is thinking about.
When I was very young and I was asked about what I wanted to be when I grew up I would answer "I want to be a Mummy". Well I achieved that, three times over. That was not easy either. Certainly not what Lauren is thinking about in the prompt picture I bet.
When I think of her, I think about all the things ahead of her in her life. The achievements, disappointments, failures and successes. The getting knocked down and the getting back up that she will have to cope with in her journey through life. And she will do that, over and over again. But for now, she is dreaming of what is to come ahead of her.
Will she love and be loved in return. That is a biggie isn't it.
What sort of work will she choose to do, or what sort of work will choose her?
Will she dance and sing and have fun and lots of friends and good times? What will she be good at?
Or maybe she is just thinking of what she wants to tell her best friend Carla about. Something that happened to her yesterday and made her laugh, and the memory of that laughter is putting a smile on her face.
Remembering how she was playing with her Daddy in the park and he was pushing her on the swing. Then they went over to the drinking fountain. Someone had pushed a stick up inside the fountain and when her Dad leaned down to take a mouthful of water the water exploded out in all directions and drenched his face and shirt.
"Oh boy Carla! you should have seen the look on his face it was fantastic. Poor Peppy our dog took fright when Dad jumped backwards from the fountain, nearly got stepped on, and cried out, tangling his lead around my ankles".
That made her laugh all the more at the chaos the stick poked into the water fountain caused.
"I must remember to do that at the fountain at school and stand back to watch someone take a drink. I hope it gets Nicholas, because I don't like smelly boys and that would be hilarious. Oh! I can't wait!"
Maybe she is imagining the painting she will do about it at school on Monday and how Miss Higgs her teacher is going to laugh about the incident. Oh! I do love Miss Higgs.
She might be an inventor. Smiling at the thought of her success with a super duper whirlie girly waggle toy that she is working on in her imagination. The one that will make her rich and famous and how everyone will think what a genius she is for inventing such a marvelous toy. She might be wearing the dress that she fell in love with when she went shopping last Friday with her Mummy. The one Mummy said they couldn't afford this time. You know.... the one with the purple velvet and lace bodice that was laced up the front with shiny ribbon. Yes that is definitely the one she will wear up on the stage to collect her award and everyone from the toy company and in the audience will clap and cheer her, and she will look SO..... pretty.
I wonder if I am good today, when we go to Auntie Marilyn's house, will my Mummy buy me that dress.
Auntie Marilyn has a new baby and I will get to play with her. Oh I can't wait. I can't wait!
"Lauren are you ready to go yet? Come on baby we will be late, hurry up."

Well that is my story for the Tell a Tale prompt this week. Hope it is O.K.
This morning Peter and I went to pick up our new car. We bought a Ford Fairlane Ghia. Very nice, top of the line for that model. It is 5 years old but has only 9700km on the clock.Yes really! Still has all the waranty etc. It was owned by an elderly couple who only used it to do their shopping, and from what I could see, has just one tiny stone chip on the whole car. The previous owners sold it because it was too low for them to get in and out of easily. It is white and has a nice all black leather interior, very well looked afer, a bit heavy on the petrol but well and truly capable of towing the caravan for us, which is what we were looking for. I have not driven it yet, but I am sure I will get my turn.I am a bit nervous because it is so big and also because, if I am the first to put a scratch on it.... He he. Now we just have to pay for it. Ouch!

Good night.
Love Linda.


Shadow said...

lovely told childhood dreams and ideals...

and enjoy the new car!!! isn't it exciting though? worry about paying later, heee heee heee

Old Grizz said...

I loved to here about the dreams of a young girl through the words one who has lived it. Very nice. Your beauty explodes with your words
Old Grizz

pisku said...

So beautifully narrated Linda. A lovely read for a sunday morning for me :)

Amias said...

Oh yes, I remembered these days. A very interesting read .. so much I could relate to. But looking in hindsight, I think I would have changed a few things had I known what I know right now.

Christopher Poshin David said...

Cleverly crafted story....about childhood dreams...

Rock on...


AD said...

ohhh i was down memory lane :D

Very very pretty if i may say so :D

Happy SS

anthonynorth said...

We should never stop having those childhood dreams.

AD said...

i was thinkin on the same lines but i couldnt have done what you have.

this is such a pretty read. i love your words :)

Happy SS

Into The Absurd

Lucy said...

will we be loved in return? a question that haunts us all
such a nice read!

Tazeen said...

a trip down the memorylane is usually good ...

Lilibeth said...

I enjoyed reading your post about the little girl with the smile on her face. I can see her. Maybe I was her. You've painted her so well.

I to had dreams. I dreamed of being a famous writer, and able to play the piano, carve marble sculptures...none of which I ever did, but, oddly enough, I have a daughter who writes beautifully, a daughter who can create a wonderful bust in clay, and a son who plays the piano like a they all came true.

AD said...

linda you tell me i m great, you are so super great :)
i loved the read!

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Granny Smith said...

You have captured the spirit of childhood dreams. I might have been Laura - a long time ago!

Marja said...

Loved it and had a laugh at the stick in the fountain too Well written

Tumblewords: said...

A wonderfully well told childhood dream tale - the car sounds perfect!

Greyscale Territory said...

Beautiful story! The dreams of a child so often are remembered into adult years!

Marja said...

Ah you took me down memory lane and all the hopes and dreams for out children Very nice

Retromus-ik said...

I enjoyed reading this! When I was younger I remember being in a rush to get older. I wished that time would pass super fast. And it did;) Oh well!:P

arie said...

This is a very perceptive look through the eyes of a child. that point of view is so hard to hang onto as time passes. Nice.

Nara Malone (commenting through a character's google account)

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