Sunday, 23 May 2010

Friday Fertilizer.

Here is my Friday Fertilizer entry for this lovely autumn week.
First picture is my cat Boo, she is so pretty. Look at her lovely long fluffy tail.
I bought these lilliums at the local supermarket about a week and a half ago, they stayed closed them magically when I got up on Wednesday morning they had all sprung open over night and were filling the house with their beautiful perfume.
Pete and I went for a drive up into the mountains yesterday. This is snow country in the Kosciusko national park near Jindabyne. The Thredbo river. It was cold up there. I love this area it almost looks like it has been untouched by man....almost except for the roads, bridges, chalets and dams. Ah well I can pretend.
I love the way the bark changes and contrasts and the btwiggy branches twist, on this little eucalyptus.
The park in Cooma. Big big deciduous trees in their autumn dresses.
I am 50 years old now but I still have to scuff my feet and run them through the fallen leaves in places like this. I love it.
I planted three punnets of these little viola out in the front garden underneath the trees a few weeks ago.
There are quite a few camellia plants around this yard. Two of them are autumn flowering ones.
My cratageous plant is starting to flower. This is a special plant because it has grown from a piece given to me by one of my favorite patients at Junee hospital while I was working there. She is gone now, but this is my memory of June Herbert, a lovely lady. She was Ray Warren's sister, he is a sportsman and radio announcer here in Aust. I got to know the family well. Another sister of June's, Gwennie used to always look at me and say I am sure you must be related to us somewhere you are so like our family. Hahahaha.
The other autumn flowering camellia in the yard.
This is another memory plant. My friend Ali gave me this , it was an almost dead stick in a tiny pot. She said "I don't want this but I know you can fix this Linda". Hahahaha. I have had it for 3 years or so now.
A closer look at those beautiful liliums. Well worth the money I paid for them as they have lasted so well.
O.k. that is mine this week. Go and click on the Friday Fertilizer Logo on my side bar and visit Tootsie time and see what others have to offer for this prompt.
Bye for now.


Paula said...

What beautiful scenery and flowers! THANKS for sharing these things - makes me want to go for a drive! Paula from Idaho

Mountain Mama said...

Your pictures are great! I love the lillies too, but that rose really captured me. I love how you started it from an unwanted 'stick.' HAHAHA Too cute.