Saturday, 1 May 2010

What Ya Doin'?

It is Friday Fertilizer time over at Tootsie Time's place.
Oh Tootsie look! I actually have your logo on my site at last. Dear Hairy son helped me put it there. Go click on the 'Friday Fertilizer logo to see what others have contributed this week to the prompt.
Well I have not got much to contribute this week but that vase of flowers in the first picture are the Nerine and Fever few flowers I picked yesterday from my yard with this prompt in mind. They are pretty aren't they. I am a bit envious when I look around the blogs and see all the spring wonder discoveries from the northern hemisphere gardens that this prompt displays. But autumn is lovely too, so is winter, so is summer. So..... What ever your season. Cheers!
Tonight I am sitting here all by my lonesome. Dear hairy son has gone to Goulburn with band member friends to share their music. Dear hubby has gone to fare well drinks for a workmate. I was wondering just what I should do to enjoy my spare time. Ah yes, show off in here what I have been doing with my blogger friends. An honorable pastime.
Anyway..... The picture above this is a porcelain doll my Mum gave me when she moved up to Queensland. He was dressed in a pale blue baby outfit that I decided was out dated so I went out and found him some new clothes. I think he is even cuter now in little boy clothes. He is sitting on one of my lounge chairs, his official resting place. Cute isn't he.
My coffee table. That big wooden dish was made by a friend of mine, John Painting, a talented woodworker. It is made from a yellow gum burl and is a coolamon. A coolamon is a sort of wooden dish that the aboriginal women carried with them on food gathering expeditions to carry seeds and fruits.This one is a modern, less functional one than its original cousins, but still of like shape and base material.
There is a small town just outside of Wagga Wagga, my birthplace, that is called Coolamon. Trivia.
I made this. It is on a little occasional table in my lounge room.
I made this too. It is sort of my untrained version of a quilted doily. I made it to go underneath the coolamon. I just finished it the other day, after it sitting around and waiting for me for quite some time, ever since I purchased the fabric from last years quilting show here in Canberra.
This afternoon I have been scribbling again. This one is in black texta. I do not pretend to be an artist but I like to think of myself as a creative person. It is scribbled on the back of an envelope.
And more scribblings, same envelope...other side. In black pen. I try to transfer some of these scribblings to my pottery pieces. I did one a while ago if you can remember, on a vase. If you could psycho analyse these...OMG.
Out the window. My side yard and the view towards Woden town centre. You can see the tall buildings in the distance if you enlarge this. I live in a nice leafy suburb, the trees have colored up for autumn even more since I took this picture a few days ago. Pretty. I made that shelter for my plants...with help.... hoping to protect my precious charges from the frosts that will soon plague us here. The front rolls down. We have one very mild frost already. I might have to add some shade cloth to protect it further.
It is my elder sister's birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday Ellie Pellie Palmtree. I think I am the only one who ever called her that, a pet childhood name.
Oh well. That is about all. Now I will go and have a look and comment on what others are up to here in puter land.
Love Linda.


jaerose said...

Hi Linda, I love those patterns. So bold and they seem to burst with life. It's great to see where you live as well. You seem to take great pride in where you are which is very inspiring. In the grey old UK it's raining and somewhat cool. But in the distance are green hills and red brick buildings...Jae

Anonymous said...

Nice and we are having nice weather here in Canberra, aren't we!!

The doll freaks me out slighty. But only because I am the "Chucky Doll" generation!


Martha said...

Love your dressed up doll! And the scribbles on the envelope are terrific. Everything you do is wonderful.