Monday, 25 June 2007

Ripe Lilly Pilly Berries, Syzigium

I was pleased to get a comment back from Jane in Scotland yesterday. I have been reading her blog for a few weeks now.I think it is great to be able to read about peoples lives and interests from all over the world, and share what I am doing and thinking about while sitting in the comfort of my own home. I am learning all the time, a bit like the modern version of pen pals.
My maternal grandmother's parents came here from Scotland. They settled originally in Mt Gambier in south Australia where my grand mother was born.
My little old car is still out of action. I picked it up on Friday which was the day it had to be registered. It was jumping and jerking and stalling all the way home, so I went to the post office and the council to pay bills and fix up the rego and held my breath that the people at the council registry office didn't look out the window and see what it was doing. (The rego/council offices are also across the road from the police station)I had to drive it back down the main street to take it back to the garage and everybody was stopping to look at and laugh at my car. Most amusing. Anyway I had to stop to give way to a truck outside the garage and that is where it died. The two mechanics had to push me in the rest of the way. Most embarrassing. It is still there, I went to see them again after work this afternoon and they were looking at the fuel pump and some valve thingy that is in the fuel system. Lucky I have a sense of humor! Not so happy though about the thought of what it may cost me.I have had my little car for 4 years now without paying anything out except for tyres and rego so I guess I have done well especially since it is a 1994 model.
I had a fairly easy day at work today I must be firing on all cylinders at the moment.It is my 1st of 4 days. When I have a bad day I feel like my poor old car, not quite in tune or running on all cylinders. Short days and longer nights are here at the moment, and it is nice to snuggle up in bed on these cold nights, I must be getting enough sleep. I know what I am like when I don't.
The only flowers in my garden at the moment are the pansies, some stinky old jonquils and some zygo cactus, I have a hot pink, an orange and a white and pink edged one. The perennial wallflower will come out next, there are just a few flowers starting on it, even the old geraniums have hardly anything left.The camellia will start soon too.Then the almond tree blossoms across the road will herald the other side of winter.There are still a few of the last lily pily berries on the tree for me to munch on.

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