Sunday, 24 June 2007

Nothing much happening this afternoon so I went over to Wagga to the nursery, to sticky beak. I bought some gladioli bulbs yesterday (a white one & a dark red called black stallion) and planted them out so I wanted to see what other colours I could find.I didn't find any more interesting gladi bulbs but I got a rhubarb crown (I hope it has red stalks) and Mum got a tuber rose bulb. The seed potatoes were in stock so I got some of those. One type I got was a purple potato that stays purple when it is cooked. Interesting, can't wait to see what happens with them. So snowballing along, I bought the dolomite and the sugar cane mulch in compressed blocks to make a straw garden under the old swings out the back for the potatoes. The lady at the nursery recommend the sugar cane mulch because you aren't supposed to get seeds coming up in it like you do in the pea straw I have been using. I haven't grown potatoes for several years and then it was in soil so this should be fun.The nursery lady also said it would be best to wait about a month to do it so I will have lots of time to collect newspapers to lay as the bottom layer, I have home made compost, leaves and some horse manure to add. When you add up the price of the mulch and seed potatoes though, I wonder if it would be easier to just go to the supermarket, but you cant get purple tatos at the supermarket often around here.
We told the man at the car yard we wouldn't be getting the ford territory. Too scared to put ourselves into that much debt at the moment.
In my post of June 15th I spoke about a movie I had watched and linked it to the stolen generation.Well I didn't know then, but it is now again a topical news subject because it has just been announced that due to abuse of aboriginal children in outback communities the govt has decided to send in medical teams to action the abuse and do health checks on the children and women in the northern territory aboriginal communities. My heart tells me this could become akin to what has happened in the past but my head tells me that if children and women are being abused then it is by criminals who must be stopped. Yes even if it means family and cultural break up. They are also bringing in laws prohibiting alcohol and pornography in these communities. I could say more about the short comings that I have heard of in these communities, like the young brains destroyed by petrol sniffing and the kids selling themselves to buy petrol to sniff. Horrific. How can you draw a line between protecting people from themselves and taking away their right to live the way they choose.I know that the human rights extremists would choose to let people live the way they choose and just keep giving more money to them without question but I don't think that has worked in the past either. Yep I know I would be shot down in flames for saying what I just have.It is a fine line to walk, especially for wobbly people.

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Jane said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my site. I think that you are right to raise issues like the aboriginal isue in your blog, even if it is such a difficult topic that you are bound to upset someone somewhere.

It isn't a subject that I know that much about. We visited Australia (largely Melbourne) about 7 years ago - our friend's mother was involved in education and trying to address the educational needs of aboriginals as well as getting people to face up to recent history We visited a couple of exhibitions on aboriginal history and culture with her which were on in Melbourne at the time. I found her take on the subject to be very interesting and not at all pat.
These things have to be discussed, no matter what your viewpoint.