Thursday, 14 June 2007


I am sitting here this morning with my little electric heater blowing on my legs and gratefully soaking up the warm air. My car is out of action and sitting in the driveway waiting for the mechanic to come and take it away to be fixed. Something that wouldn't happen if I lived in the city. Pete thinks it might be the spark plugs, someone else said the starter motor, I dunno. I thought if I could roll it down the hill out the front I might start it, but if it didn't start It would have to sit down in the gully, so I left it where it is. I have had to use Pete's car for the last couple of days and get up to take him to work at 1/4 to 6 in the morning when its cold and dark and frozen outside. I am such a sook. It was booked in at the garage today anyway so I just waited. The registration check and a few minor repairs needed doing. So, as you can guess, this month will be an expensive one. I can't complain as my little car hasn't given me any trouble at all for the last 4 years I have had it.
We had a visit from my cousin and his wife and one of his daughters and grandsons yesterday. I had not seen Denny since his dad's funeral 5 years ago. He is a few years older than me but he always watched out for me and played with me when I was little. ( funny stories later) We spent all our Christmases together.I was very close to his family growing up and used to think I was more like them than my own sister. Good people. They were visiting another friend who has just moved to town. They live on the central coast which for the last week has been having severe flooding . They were lucky not to be home, they live in and run a pub there but had been camping on the river bank for a holiday at Narranderra near here. Tough people in this weather, but at least you can have a beautiful raging campfire at this time of year.
I remember when I was 9 or 10 I went rabbiting with him and a group of other kids. We trapped a rabbit and I cried so much they couldn't kill it and took it home for a pet. We put it in a cage but the next morning it had mysteriously disapeared. Denny would also play dollies with me when I was small and he showed me how to cut a hole in dolly's mouth to feed it. It got a bit smelly after a while though. Hmmm, wonder why? We had a swing in the back yard and he used to push me on it. He taught me a song to sing while I was swinging. He must of been cranky at my Aunty Joan because he taught me to sing "my !@#%%%***** fat old aunty is here again". He got in trouble for that one. We also used to play hide and seek in the wardrobes. The wardrobe fell over with me in it. My grandfather was an undertaker and we also used to play hide and seek in the display coffins, bizzare I know, but kids play with what is in their environment. I was a scaredy cat though and would run and scream, and we would have races up and down the back lane with the trolleys using them like trotting gigs. And used the crane that was meant to lift the granite slabs for the headstones on, as a swing. We were always getting in trouble. He also had a brother, my terrible twin Joe who was the same age as me whom I loved playing with. Those games are another story again. Feral children! His sister Sue was one of my brides maids. He is such a big bloke now, he had to bend over to hug me. I come up to about 1/2 way between his elbow and shoulder. I wonder what he remembers of those early times. Probably getting in to trouble because of me? Lol.
Ah well! back to work tomorrow for the next 3 days. Stir up my winter aches and pains.
Bye Love Linda.

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