Thursday, 21 June 2007

Pete and I looked at and drove a car today in Wagga, cars are so expensive and it is a scary thought to put your neck out and be in debt to get one, but I think it is about that time. It is a 2006 ford territory, all wheel drive. Lots of money but I guess it is normal in comparison to what the market is nowadays. We are looking at trading our ford falcon in for it. We had a half hearted look at a few other car yards but nothing else took our fancy as much as the ford territory did.
My car was passed for registration yesterday when I got it back, but its running horrible. They must have taken it apart when they were looking for what was wrong with it and not put something back right. It needs a few more things doing on it but nothing to stop it being registered. I haven't got the bill yet.
I fired a bisque yesterday too. Everything looks o.k. It is my month to exhibit at the potters club so I am hurrying to get a few more things done by the end of the month. I hope to do a glaze firing at the club to finish off. My favorite copper red glaze. It is from Brian Kemp's Glazes for fibre kilns book. Potash Feldspar;35.76, Nepheline syenite; 166.32, Kaolin; 7.74, Flint; 88.74, Gerstley Borate; 64.37, Whiting; 41.30, Red Copper Oxide; 1.21, I don't have red copper so I use black and it works fine. You need to start reduction at 780 degrees when the melt first starts and maintain it. I do Cone 9 down, 10 half way. The picture at the top of this post shows it on a recycled clay, it shows up better on a really white body. I don't use porcelain though because it is too expensive.
I watched a movie today that I really like."Strange Bed fellows".I have seen it before and I laughed just as much this time too. It is very silly and corny, but suits my sense of humor. It is about 2 blokes who find a loop hole in the tax system, one decides that if he has a same sex partner he can get away with paying less tax so he has to convince his friend to pretend he is his gay partner. It is set and filmed in a small town in Victoria called Yackandandah. Very funny, I giggled all the way through. One of the main characters is Paul Hogan of Crocodile Dundee fame. Not that I loved that movie but it was funny the first time I saw it. Paul Hogan had a comedy show on T.V. in the 70's that was really dumb and funny too.
The weather report I heard this afternoon said the expected minimum temperature tonight is -4. The maximum temp here today was 10 degrees. The wind is freezing. The washing I did yesterday when it was sunny was all wet again this morning, that will teach me for not bringing it in. Mum loves to hang washing every where inside and thinks that our living area is an extension of the laundry which drives me mad. We do have a clothes dryer but only use it when we really have to as it costs a fair bit to run.
Thats about it for the last few days. Bye Love Linda.

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